1. heyyoumen

    New Sierra build 6700K, Worked, won't boot now

    Hi All, I just finished my 2nd build, for a friend of mine. the build is Z170X-UD3, i7 6700K, 16GB RAM, Intel HD530 Graphics. Sierra installed no problem at first, then I tried to install Multibeast once, with audio drivers, network, USB3 etc. and reboot, still fine. But Audio wasn't working...
  2. thejazzhands

    System uptime in nanoseconds issue

    I had a running version of sierra on this computer but after having tried to fix my bootloader so that I didn't need the usb it no longer can boot. The usb has now changed name from UEFI ------------ to Legacy ----------. I can select the usb drive and it takes me to the same old bootloader but...
  3. leon1124

    System Uptime in Nanoseconds;

    Greetings.. so, I'm a bit new to hackintosh.. and recently I've installed El Capitan 10.11.1 on my PC. I've followed the instruction on this site, everything went smoothly until Multibeast (UEFI, ALC887, Rea8111, and the default kext(forgot its name)), I read about the alternate Nvidia driver...
  4. majda107

    System uptime in nanoseconds ERROR Please help

    Hello, I installed clean OSx Sierra hackintosh by Unibeast on 120GB SSD. Just normal installation without problems, I downloaded multibeast and installed Legacy Clover and everything works with only boot arg - dart=0. I was wondering about dualboot on one disc, so i made new 50GB partition and...
  5. Simplington

    HELP! "system Uptime in Nanoseconds 59079754940"

    So I recently tried to instal El Capitan on my desktop Specs AsRock Z77 Pro 4 i5 2500k with HD 3000 Graphics 8GB RAM 64GB SSD 2TB HDD USB Stick 16GB made bootable using Unibeast 6.1.1 (Had to use this as 6.2.0 doesnt have the inject HD 3000 feature) Multibeast is also on the stick too. But...
  6. whiteregit

    System uptime in nanoseconds error

    Hey there! I've got the problem when I want to install OS X Yosemite from my USB drive I always get the "System uptime in nanoseconds" error (picture included). I also have to say that I'm using the OS X Yosemite AMD DeeKay version because I have an AMD core. I also tried nearly all boot...
  7. baydizzy

    System uptime nanoseconds / External HDD

    Everything in my hackintosh was working fine, until... I installed a OSX based driver for an external drive (Samsung D3). Now I get "system uptime in nanoseconds" whenever I start the computer. I know that it 100% has to do with this driver i just installed. Question is, how do I delete this...
  8. snucky

    Yosemite nanoseconds boot error

    Hi guys, I have problem. I properly instaling Yosemite with UniBeast. My motherboard have EFI so I instal drivers from "DSDT Free" pree-built configuration via Multibeast (I add only GraphicsEnabler=Yes) But after I restart PC and try booting OSX (without bootable usb) it always stops at...
  9. juan

    Kernel Panic Screenshot, system uptime in nanoseconds

    I was able to get a working Mavericks, but to get HDMI I need a native AppleHDA.kext, so I am trying to reinstall Mavericks. Got this Screen when I booted with flags -v, -x, PCIRootUID=0 Edit: to clarify, I am post installation, but I am trying to re-install a fresh copy with Unibeast on...
  10. JustSandhuIt

    Stuck at "System Uptime in Nanoseconds"

    I successfully installed Mavericks, but after rebooting, I can't get back into OS X to finish off the installation and setup. My build is: Asus Z97-Deluxe Intel i7-4790k (Integrated Graphics) 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) Corsair Vengeance Pro 2400MHz I have tried -x -v USBBusFix=Yes Darkwake=0 PCIRootUID=0
  11. Ripley

    HELP! Mavericks Install Going Sideways

    [Success] Mavericks GA-Z97X-UD3H System Specs:Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H AMI Bios version F5 I7 4790K EVGA Geforce GTX 760 Superclocked - connected HDMI 16gb Kingston HyperX Fury 120gb Kingston HyperX SSD H100i Installed Snow Leopard 10.6.8 worked fine Installed Mavericks following Tonymacx86...
  12. HackInBuild

    "a freed zone element has been modified: expected 0xdeadbeefdeadbeef but found 0

    I just build my first hackintosh and everything was going great until I got this strange error message while at the apple screen on boot up. Most of the first line is in the title, but here is some other information I think might be helpful: System uptime in nanoseconds: 9507200668 panic cpu 1...
  13. b11ggx

    System uptime in Nanoseconds error please help

    hi, I'm an absolute novice at this, previously i have built hackintosh machines but never had an issue on the initial install, H61m-HD2 intel i5 2400s 2.5ghz 1155 Crucial Ct51264ba1339 8 gb ram (4x2) on board HD 4000 graphics the error I'm getting is System uptime in nanoseconds: iv...
  14. BalSingh

    Asus Z97 Deluxe, i7 4790k, EVGA 780 GTX, 32GB Corsair RAM

    Hi, I am trying to build my hackintosh from the following components: Asus z97 - Deluxe Intel i7 4790k EVGA 780 GTX 32GB Corsair pro RAM I have created the usb disk using unibeast and put in the latest version of multibeast. I already have a hard drive with windows 7 in there, but have...
  15. Perrri

    Problem with Mavericks on Acer V3-77G

    Hey guys, I installed OS X on my laptop using this guide (post 117): It installs fine, no problems on first startup in safe mode, then I install the DSDT given in the guide and...
  16. rhui099

    I get a System Uptime in nanoseconds error with my Samsung RF511 - s05 - Help please

    Hi, I was able to run up until a finished installation of Mavericks with my first DSDT - SSDT files ( - ), but when my laptop reboots, it gets to a boot error where it cant find a bootable disk, and then when I try to boot the partition through the installer (i tried...
  17. herpderpingson

    Cannot install times out at System Update

    Greetings everyone. I am attempting to put together my first hackintosh and I am having some trouble. First the specs: Intel Core i7-3770 3.4GHz Quad-Core Processor Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H ATX LGA1155 Motherboard Mushkin Blackline 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3-1600 Memory Crucial V4 256GB 2.5" Solid...
  18. Multimoss

    Socket 2011 CustoMac Pro Build

    I messed up the Post Installation and now can't get into MainHD! (HELP!) Hi, Apologies for my lack of knowledge, I have done the above mentioned build (with a Gigabyte SKT-1155 Z77X-UP5 Thunderbolt Motherboard) I did all the necessary things, partitioning, but i had a brain fart, and selected...