music build

  1. CT-Username

    Audio and video workstation-First build

    I am planning to follow BoomR's build for my audio and video workstation since it's the most detailed I have found. I would like to go the easy route taking a recipe...
  2. ramirezonlinenet

    Do you recommend a Hackintosh for audio Production?

    Hello, My friend (the geek) & I will be building a pc workstation for Music Production Only and of course the casual youtube, Facebook, etc. No games. But I used mac's my whole life, but find them too expensive tbh. My question are: Is it complicated to build a hackintosh? Is it stable...
  3. Alexandroszou

    New in Hackintosh setup.

    Hello. I had a windows based desktop to work my music projects (ableton) but it's very slow and old so i need a new system. I already own a macbook pro 13'' mid 2012 for my dj sets and recently i use it for music production (due to damaged desktop). I fell in love with the Logic X so i want to...
  4. rjsounds

    First Hackintosh for Music Production, Video Editing

    Hey guys! Long time lurker of this site but decided it's finally time to take action! I am finally ready (after reading many success stories) to take on the task of building my first ever computer! As the title states, I've never built a computer before so I'm looking for some advice on my...
  5. ThePino

    Help me get a good a build please

    So I need a dual boot build. I really need a Mac now. Apple hasn't released any good computer lately. I work on a lot of video production. And starting on 2017 I'm going to be involved in pretty demanding video production, music production and well gaming (It's a dual boot. Windows 10 and OS X...