multiple screens

  1. topcatone

    Asus Z97 Pro Graphics card and Radeon 6850XX

    I want to activate the graphics card on the mac side for 6 screens(works on the window side fine) How do I do it?
  2. urza07

    Recommendations for Desktop, please help!

    I've been reading for a month already about machines to hack or assemble, and i'm kind of confused about what to do, so i need some guidance please, since many hacks for some reason point at gaming, i'm not focused on that particular part, I'm a web designer and video editing is limited to...
  3. steveharman

    Enabling onboard Intel HD as well as GeForce / Nvidia 9600GT?

    Hi, Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z87X-SLI ( ) which I'm reliably informed is the same spec as the Graphics: Nvidia / GeForce 9600GT & Intel built-in GPU (System...
  4. qwertyAT

    [SOLVED] External Graphic Card.

    Hello. I'm using a notebook with Yosemite and want to use two external displays at home. To my sorry the notebook has just one HDMI output which I guess is very common. It also provides 3 USB 3.0 Ports and so I'm looking forward to buy an external graphic card. I couldn't find a lot of...