1. miHah

    Hardware compatibility + suggestions

    Hi there! It's been a while since I built my last Hackintosh, so I am a little rusty. Also, this will be quite an unorthodox build so there are a few ideas I am looking forward to get from you guys! :) I know the basics of building a Hackintosh, although I need some suggestions regarding HW...
  2. JacobZ

    Hackintosh for Public Performance Usage

    Hey everyone, my name's Jacob. I'm a certified IT technician and I was asked by a church to build them a multimedia machine for no more than $1500. I'm planning on building a multimedia Hackintosh Pro based off of the specs on the buyer's guide for a church venue. A good friend of mine said that...
  3. Deen

    Hackintosh? Interesting.. First build~

    First Hackintosh planning... might need some help :/ Heyya Folks, in the past I played around with the OSX in the VM or setting up ubuntu to make it like OSX, but well, it just sucks. I love how fluent the OSX works, but for gaming I will stay with my Windows Pc. So, I wanna build a Mac Mini...