1. lastlink

    Dualboot/bootcamp AND parallels together

    I thought that I'd just post this since I haven't seen any recent threads on it. I'm using windows 10 and parallels 10. I didn't want to create just a virtual machine copy, but a hard drive copy of windows that I could directly boot into and also run a virtual machine of while running mac. After...
  2. mnabilsh

    Restoring Windows 7 System Recovery Image after installing Yosemite

    Hi guys, I want to install Yosemite on my work laptop given by the office (not my personal laptop), it's HP Probook 440 G2. It has pre installed Windows 7, Office and other paid applications. I have administrator account type. What's the safest method to install Mac OS? Should I make a backup...
  3. Swelly

    Running Yosemite and want to install windows 10 Preview on seperate SSD

    Allo! I have been attempting to install this windows 10 preview from an ISO ( they provide on their site. My issue is that my USB doesn't seem bootable and I cannot figure out why. The first attempt, I went into windows 10 and...
  4. newjanson

    HELP! Invalid partition table

    Nothing happens if I press enter. Please help I don't wanna reinstall my hackintosh. I've tried to download bootloaders it said that it was successful but none of them worked :-( :oops: :banghead:
  5. newjanson

    Windows 8 & OS X multiboot issue

    I can't get any boot loader working on my os x drive. I tried to install Chimera from multibeast and from a standalone version too but whenever I try to boot from my hard drive it says to insert bootable media. It says that it installed successfully but I still can't get it to work. :-( any...
  6. nkasco

    Switch from GPT to MBR?

    So I made the mistake of installing Yosemite on my new Samsung EVO SSD before I transferred my Windows 8.1 over from my old SSD, at first I thought I could just install Windows then reinstall Chimera to fix the bootloader but then I realized I am running a GPT not MBR... So my question is, will...
  7. PJBrian

    Swapping Hard Drives

    Hello, I'd like to connect HDD with Windows to use Windows, and to use OSX disconnect Windows HDD and conncet HDD with OSX. Is it possible? I currently have Windows 7 installed on one HDD, and I would use this guide...
  8. Jithin.C.V

    Unable to BOOT into Windows through CLOVER in Legacy BIOS System.

    Hi All, I have a problem with the boot loader “CLOVER”. My laptop have Legacy BIOS, so i cannot go for any UEFI methods. I have created 4 Partitions as shown below, Installed Yosemite on the First Partition. Installed Windows 8 Enterprise 64 Bit to the Second Partition...
  9. renegade117

    Shared Data Drive for Triple Boot OSX 10.10, Windows 8.1, and Ubuntu 14.04

    Hello, I have (somewhat) successfully created my first triple boot Hackintosh SSD that has OSX 10.10, Windows 8.1, and Ubuntu 14.04 (I say somewhat because I am still trying to work out the issue of Yosemite running extremely slow on my i7-5930k/GTX 970 setup, but that is a separate issue). I...
  10. michaeloneill94

    Ubuntu Broke Clover

    Hi, I'm running a Gigabyte Z77X UD5H, Intel I7 3770k, 16Gb Corsair Ram and a Samsung 500Gb SSD. I installed Yosemite using the following Guide. However, I used 3 partitions. 300Gb for MacOs, 100Gb for Windows and 100Gb for Ubuntu. I formatted all partitions to MacOs Extended Journaled to start...
  11. manube

    HP 350 G1: clover multiboot - W8.1 on orig hdd & ssd with Mint and Yosemite

    Hello everyone, It took me a while to achieve multiboot on my new HP 350 G1 laptop, but I finally got there. I thought it best not to interfere with the Windows hdd settings, so I replaced the optical drive bay by a caddie. In the caddie I placed the original hdd, and in the original hdd...
  12. manube

    Multiboot with clover on hp laptop with two drives

    Hello everyone, It took me a while to achieve multiboot on my new HP 350 G1 laptop, but I finally got there. I thought it best not to interfere with the Windows hdd settings, so I replaced the optical drive bay by a caddie. In the caddie I placed the original hdd, and in the original hdd...
  13. Y3llowB3rry

    How to: Build a bootable USB of Yosemite on PC

    [Question] How to: Build a bootable USB of Yosemite on PC Hi guys, girls, trigender pyrofoxes and all, My goal is to build a bootable USB with OS X Yosemite. What is the best way to do it? Is it possible? System specs : Windows 8.1/Ubuntu in multiboot (using the Grub tool, I think) 1To HD...
  14. mzeyrek

    Openelec Clover support

    Hi, Recently Openelec announced their UEFI support therefore i've tried to give a chance. I am able to boot Openelec via boot from EFI file however unable to add under Clover. Hence openelec based on syslinux, i would like to ask if anyone was able to add to the boot menu ? I expect Clover to...
  15. Cats869

    Want to do Multibooting (Windows 7 + Mac OS X Mavericks/Yosemite) on same drive

    Hey guys, I'm a noob at hackintosh but very good with windows and hardware in general. I'm interested in having both Windows 7 and Mac OS X sharing the same drive (using a Samsung 840 Evo 250GB SSD). I was wondering if that is possible instead of having to use two different drives? I am...
  16. dragostini

    Arch + Maverick

    Hi all. So first time Hackintosh user here. Just finished setting up my rig in a triple boot system across two drives. Windows 7 on a 120GB SSD OS X Mavericks on a 1tb HDD Partition of about 200GBS. Arch Linux Partitions: - 200 GB / - 5GB Swap (not really needed with 8GB ram...but meh) - 120...
  17. BenConway00

    Triple Booting - Mac OS, Ubuntu and Windows 8.1 on one Dell Machine

    Hiya, I want to set up my Dell XPS L501x 15" to triple boot Mac OS, Ubuntu and Windows 8.1. I have already got dual booting working with Windows and Ubuntu however I now want to get Mac Mavericks working with it. I have access to a Mac to set up a bootable USB drive but I need a guide which...
  18. rafiki0101

    multiboot hp 4540 x 2, need help!

    Hey all, so I'm attemting to make 2 hp 4540s laptops with mutiboot installations. The first is an i3 for my girl friend. I would like ML and ubuntu 13 to dual boot on 500gb hdd. But everytime I install ububtu it doesnt show up in chameleon. I also installed the os while the hdd was in my i5...
  19. amarokz

    Do I have to remove my Win8.1 installation?

    Do I have to remove my Win8 installation? Hi, I recently bought a GE70 2OE laptop and I want to run dualboot on it, but I would like to know if I have to reinstall my windows partition? I have a MSI GE70 2OE laptop that has a RAID0 128GB SSD (2x 64GB mSATA) and a 1TB rpm5400 WD Caviar. My...
  20. akzouu

    Mac OS X Mountain Lion doesn't boot up after installing updates

    Hey, I have a boot-up problem with my system. I have multi boot with Mac OS X Mountain Lion (first partition), Windows 7 (second partition) and Voyager Linux (third partiton). It was a while since I did updates for Mountain Lion, so I messed up a little after installing updates. I ran...