1. avthao

    Am I able to dual boot?

    Just bought a new MSI Aegis 3 that came pre-installed with Windows 10. Given some of the information from other forum posts, I'm assuming that installing mac os sierra without a clean install of windows 10 will be impossible? My EFI partition is < 100 MB which I've read that it needs to be >...
  2. clarklak11

    Partition files on Windows shows up in MacOS

    Is this normal? I have 1 TB for Windows and partitioned it in to 2 then when I checked in my MacOS it shows the drive for my windows. Should I be aware on this? Thanks!
  3. np112983

    Triple Boot Ubuntu 17.04, Sierra, Windows 10

    Hello everyone, So I recently upgraded from a triple boot using chimera with windows 10, Yosemite, and Ubuntu 16.04. I am now using clover with Sierra, Windows 10, and ubuntu 17.04 on 3 independent SSDs(same as before). With all but the EFI drive unplugged(to ensure no corruption of the...
  4. AryteArts

    Dual booting probelms

    Hi guys, so i made a dualboot system with 2 separate SSD's, both work fine, but i cant get them to work when both plugged in. If i plug in Windows and later OSX, it will allways boot windows, even tho i set osx as first boot. And if i do it the other way, i get the Hackintosh boot thing, where i...
  5. ipodsky

    How to boot Windows 10 with Clover the easy way.

    The problem. After installing Clover I couldn't run Windows anymore. Damn.. Since I already got through this pain I’ll tell you how to fix it. It is turned out to be very, very simple(when you know how) and no additional installations needed. I must say it works a 100% with Win10 and I do not...
  6. kezueli

    Formatting partition problem

    Hello, I hope this is the right place to post this. I've been looking on the webs like a mad man to find an answer to my problem but couldn't find a single answer that would fix it, so I came here to share it with you all. I have problems whit installing Sierra on my PC (which is compatible)...
  7. Sike

    RAID 1 and Multibooting

    Hello. I'm new to these forums although i've been reading them for 2 years or so... I was thinking of installing Mac OS on my PC together with windows in UEFI mode (i read you can boot from both with clover) now that the nvidia webdrivers are out. My motherboard is a Gigabyte Z170 X UD3, and...
  8. heynownow

    Sierra bootloader gone after Windows 10 UEFI

    I was trying to dual boot (should've studied a bit more) I disconnected my sierra SSD drive, (in fact disconnected all other HFS+ drives)made win bootdisk using GPT+UEFI, installed windows 10 on a dedicated SSD. Then I shut down, reconnected sierra drive back and this is where I probably went...
  9. athanagames

    [HELP] Weird Glitches half the time when I boot. (Screen flickers when in OSX, windows or bios)

    I've been trying to dual-boot Sierra and Windows for a long time. I'm having super weird glitches that can make the system unusable. It is unbearable. I swapped out monitors, cables, graphics cards (I have a 770 that I will use for macOS, and I tried uninstalling osx and just installing windows...
  10. jeffmit

    Dual boot question: Sierra (SSD recommendation?) & Windows 10 (e.g. Samsung 960 EVO NVMe)?

    I am looking to build a new rig with a Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 6 - and using my existing CPU/RAM/GPU (for now). I currently have a dual boot setup via Chameleon on Mavericks & Win 10 all using SATA (thanks to this forum). I prefer a set it and forget it configuration that does not require a...
  11. Fantome1S

    [Dualboot] Existing W7 + El Capitan (SeparateDrive) ASUS CM6870-CA001S

    Hi Guys, I add another hard drive to my computer recently and I want to make a dualboot. For the moment I have "Windows 7" on my main drive but on the new one I want to install "Mac OS X El Capitan" so this way my computer will have a dualboot. I already tried to make it but at the end of the...
  12. Rayyes

    SUCCESSFUL Multi booting existing windows 10 and MacOS Sierra (Separate SSD)

    Hello, this is my first Hackintosh build and the specs are as follows; Case: Phanteks Ethno Evolve ITX Processor: Intel core I7 4790k Motherboard: MSI z97i Gaming AC (ITX) Ram: Corsair 16gb CPU Cooler: H100i GTX Cooler Drives: Samsung Evo 850 250 GB for Windows 10 Sandisk SSD Plus 120 GB for...
  13. christobaldo

    Additionnal SATA drive generate a kernel panic

    It's my first try at "building up" an hackintosh. I went thru the install OK with some troubles (nvidia drivers, ethernet drivers, sound drivers, clover that add BIOS boot entries ... etc) I haven't yet reached a satisfactory solution for the ethernet and the wake-up from sleep .. :-). My...
  14. HiroThreading

    Black screen after booting Sierra from SSD

    I've followed the UniBeast method, as well as tweaked the SMBIOS to identify my build as a Mac Pro 5,1, and managed to successfully boot the OS X Installer from my USB boot disk. Through the OS X Installer, I used Disk Utility to format my two SSDs as HFS+ GPT in preparation for my Sierra and...
  15. vealal

    DualBoot- Sierra on Preexisting Windows 10 w/o a Mac?

    I am a Hackintosh and Dual Boot novice and I need some advice. I have a preexisting system running Windows 10 Pro from an HDD. I would like to install Sierra on my separate SSD. As I look through tutorials, it seems fairly evident that I need a Mac to create a bootable USB with Unibeast...
  16. shan93

    can i boot sierra and windows 10 in same HDD?

    this is my HDD info.thank you!
  17. davides98

    The windows partition will not start

    Hello everyone, I wanted to bring you a problem I can not solve: I installed in the first hard drive, and Windows in the second hard drive mac os Sierra. (Separate hard disk) They select at startup as the first boot the hard drive of the Sierra. (The one with the bootloader). But at this point...
  18. Antonis112

    Deleting Other partitions

    Hi everyone, I have setup my Yoga 2 pro with 3 operating systems from the same SSD 1. windows 10 2. Ubuntu 16.04 3. El capitan The first week of using El capitan is very stable. Im thinking if it continues like this i will delete all other partitions and keep only the el capitan one. Based...
  19. christobaldo

    Help needed after wrong operations

    Hi, I just built my first hackintosh ... going for a triple boot with 3 SSD (OSX, WIN10, Ubuntu). I installed OSX el captain but still need to add all the drivers (nvidia ...etc). I made an error installing WIN10, i guess it installed itself in legacy BIOS. Since then clover is unreachable, i...
  20. danjimgar

    [Dual Boot] Windows 10 and OSX El Capitan different SSD's

    Hey guys, this is my situation: - SSD 1: already installed Windows 10 with data - SSD 2: clean ssd to install El Capitan - HDD 3: clean hdd to share documents between SO's I want to do this multiboot with different hard drives and if I can, choose when computer is power on the SO. Whats the...