1. Clayton.JP.Ketchum

    Dual Booting Windows

    I have my system working petty well after a recent update to opencore 0.8.8 and OSX 13.1. But I have noticed as of recently that when I boot into windows, my windows says that its an iMac 19,1 and also, i see that the USB ports are also limited as in the mac side. It never bothered me until the...
  2. Hyle

    Multiboot Windows + Fedora + MacOS

    So, I have a DELL Inspiron 15 5570, wich has 2 ssd's. On the first is installed Windows, on the second one Fedora 36. Recently I had this insane idea to install MacOS on my laptop, and I thought about 2 possibilities: 1 - I delete Windows (as I never use it ) and keep only MacOS and Fedora on...
  3. Pyromethious

    Re-Pondering Hackintosh Build

    So it's been a while since I bothered with a Hackintosh as I eventually acquired a Mid 2012 MBP since I last built one. The two devices have basically similar core specs except for the better GPU and 32Gb of RAM in the PC. The latter is the real reason for the pondering as system memory has been...
  4. flexmcmurphy

    Multi booting on one drive - adding macOS deletes the Windows EFI partition

    I start out with a 1TB Sata SSD and the first partition on the drive is a Windows EFI partition then Windows then Manjaro root and Manjaro home... these are dual booting fine with Grub2. I want to use Grub to chain load Opencore so all three OSs can be on the Grub menu and I don't get any kext...
  5. miliuco

    [HOW TO] Custom entry in OpenCore to boot Windows

    These instructions are already posted on various Internet sites but from time to time they are requested by a user so I publish them in the guides). To add an entry in Misc> Entries of config.plist you need to know the path to the operating system boot loader. For a Windows disk, you must know...
  6. Methanoid

    Multibooting Legacy & UEFI Operating Systems

    Hi I may be misunderstanding how this all works so go easy (please!) I have an HP Prodesk 400 G1 (Haswell, with Kepler GT730). I have two SSDs (identical) and want to be able to boot Windows10, MacOS Catalina, Ubuntu Linux (most likely or a flavour of Ubuntu) and an OS called AROS...
  7. runkdown

    Win 10 stopped booting after a month (dual boot with separate ssd's)

    Hello! Im sorry if it's already solved here and would be very happy if you help with a link to the solution (: Kinda new to hackintosh. Before installation I detached other drives (ntfs hdd's and ssd with win 10). Installed hackintosh using this guide My specs: i7-6700k gtx 970 asus gene viii...
  8. rawbinary

    << Solved >> Hdmi/Displayport hangs osx - will CSM break my dualboot?

    Hi! with this guide ( I have succesfully got Win10 + macOS on seperate SSDs and I am very happy about that! I have 2 monitors, and so far the only one that macOs will boot with is a Samsung with DVI. If I...
  9. alisudo

    Multiboot in Clover

    Hi, I installed Linux, Windows and macOS on my laptop. The problem is when I boot to windows from clover, I get no audio output. But when I boot directly from EFI boot entry (bios menu), everything is fine. Also booting is slow from Clover, But windows boots normal when I choose it from bios...
  10. Caycl

    Move Windows 10 installation to new SSD

    What would be the best/easiest way to perform this? I have a dual boot machine (OSX and Windows 10). Windows 10 is currently installed on an HDD, and I would like to hopefully move that installation into a new SSD. I tried cloning the disk and disconnecting the old HDD, but I get the 0xc000000e...
  11. tyrelius

    << Solved >> Multi Boot Multi Drive BSOD

    I'm having issues with trying to get my machine to boot properly. I have one drive with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, one drive with macOS Mojave, and one drive with Windows 10 1903. When each drive is plugged in on their own, they can boot just fine. When the macOS and Ubuntu drives are in, both will boot...
  12. PrasannaNadagoud

    Multi booting windows 10 pro and Hackintosh sierra

    Hello Sir/Madam, I have installed two operating systems in two different hard drives, windows, and Hackintosh sierra, I am unable to boot through the cover boot loader because I am using old DELL workstation (T3500 model) and this workstation is not supporting UEFI boot. windows 10 pro...
  13. robo731

    Installing macOS alongside existing Windows 10 and Linux Installations

    My current system has Windows 10, Manjaro, and Arch all installed on the same drive. I want to install macOS alongside these other OSs and ideally chainload into clover from Grub to boot macOS, though I would also be okay with using clover instead if it would be significantly easier to do so...
  14. witampanstwa

    Touchpad works perfectly or not at all (ELAN)

    Hello, I've successfully installed Windows 10, Linux Ubuntu and macOS Mojave on my laptop's 1TB HDD. The problem: I can normally use my touchpad in macOS. Then I shut down the machine, turn it on, boot Windows 10, and everything works perfect—just until I turn it off again, and boot to...
  15. PeterQuill

    [Solved] HDD order change after Clover Update

    I previously had an issue with booting Ubuntu 18.04 (LUKS disk encryption) and Windows 10 (VeraCrypt) with Clover, due to issues with certain UEFI drivers. You may notice that loading APFS drivers will change the way your system sees your HDD layout, though both respective bootloaders should...
  16. Ranino

    Already on Mojave - I want to install Windows 10

    Hi all, I am already on Mojave (cannot install 10.4.1 patch for some reason but that does not matter now). I would like to install Windows next. I purchased another SSD and plugged it in but I am not sure what Guide to follow now? Thanks! Ranino
  17. AkiraBA

    Dual Boot on separate drives - clover can't boot windows

    Hello ! I've been running High Sierra as my main os for the last few months on SSD. Today I installed Windows 10 on another SSD. After many issues I've finally been able to make it work. Now my issue is running macOS as my main OS and being able to boot on Windows. I've tried putting my mac SSD...
  18. jb007

    Need feedback on exFAT Shared Drive

    Hi all. I'm building/built a new Hackintosh that will multi-boot with Windows 10 Pro. I want to have a common secondary drive that stores both OS's Documents, Pictures, Music and more importantly my development files which are under GIT source control with the server being on an external QNAP...
  19. PrasannaNadagoud

    Hackintosh Sierra and windows 10 Pro Dual boot

    Hello everyone, I have installed multiboot windows 10 pro and Hackintosh sierra in my home workstation PC with different two drives. using clover boot, when stated bios every time I need to press the F11 key in my keyboard, then I can able to see two different drive to boot, an example I am...
  20. bonzairob

    Abomasnow: Multiboot, Gigabyte GA-Z720X-Ultra Gaming, i7 7700K, Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1070 Ti

    BonzaiRob's Abomasnow: Gigabyte Z720X-Ultra Gaming, i7-7700K, Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1070 Ti Components Intel i7-7700K Processor