multiboot windows ssd

  1. cretans

    OpenCore Windows boot + not working AppleTV+

    Hi, I succesfuly managed to upgrade to Big Sur (using openCore 0.63), straight from Catalina through App Store. I'm using a iMac 19,1 SMBIOS and I m having issues with AppleTV+ (not playing). I used the suggested shikigva=80 hack, witch worked ok with Catalina but now nothing. Is anyone else...
  2. Ranino

    Already on Mojave - I want to install Windows 10

    Hi all, I am already on Mojave (cannot install 10.4.1 patch for some reason but that does not matter now). I would like to install Windows next. I purchased another SSD and plugged it in but I am not sure what Guide to follow now? Thanks! Ranino
  3. hollallen

    From Scratch OC or Mac

    I have all of the components to build a new computer following the Custo buying guidelines on the site. Howevere, I would like to have a multi boot with Windows 10 on one drive and Sierra on the other. Since all the components have EXE files to upgrade components, would it be best to install...