multi booting

  1. freshynek

    << Solved >> Clover Configurator > Custom Entries HELP

    I would like to hide all partitions at clover boot screen and show only Macintosh and Windows 10 partitions. Clover boot screen is showing 6 partition. I have Windows UEFI installation and UEFI Mojave as HFS Install. This is my diskutil list output: Macintoshs-iMac:~ macintosh$ diskutil list...
  2. aarzaary

    << Solved >> Install Hackintosh Catalina without Formating HDD

    Can i install Hackintosh without formating my Harddisk? I have create new partition for hackintosh & clover already installed on my EFI partition
  3. ShaunJenna

    Other Operating Systems in Clover...

    Hello all, I was wondering if and how you delete options in clover, OS's from before I wiped my drive are there and I want to get rid of them please help.
  4. Pineapple68

    Ghost disks in clover screen (or duplicated disks)

    Hello, I finally managed to install Windows 10 on a separate disk as well. Note: To be able to install Windows 10 I had to physically disconnect NVME disk with Mac OS. Now I have 3 disks including a NVME with Mac OS and clover, an archive disk and a disk with Windows installation. The problem...
  5. Ghanou

    Triple Boot: Ubuntu does not appear in Clover list

    I've successfully installed Mac Sierra, Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04 on the same HDD disk and after all this i installed Multibeast, but when i've restarted the laptop I was not able to see the list of clover to choose between the three operating systems and the following phrase appeared: no...
  6. Arpit723

    ASUS Laptop, could not install Mac OS Sierra, Blocking symbol comes.

    I have ASUS laptop, and windows installed in Legacy mode. So, I created bootable USB drive with Mac OS Sierra, Legacy Mode. When I boot from my USB, I am able to boot, clover boot menu appears, I can see apple symbol, and progress bar appears. But after progress appears one blocking symbol...
  7. Arpit723

    Any guides for dual booting Mac OS El Capitan and Windows 7 or 10 on an Intel Core i3 processor

    Hi, I am asking a tutorial for dual booting Mac OS El Capitan and Windows 10 or 7. I have a Windows PC. I have seen this guide link from Tony's Mac, but it is only for Installing Mac OS El Capitan. It does not provide further, How to install Windows 7 or 10 further...
  8. applemacosx123

    Error during Windows installation

    Hello, I'm trying to install Windows 10 next to Sierra on my PC (on the same HDD). Mac OS is working fine but when I try to install windows, right after selecting the partition I get the following error: This is what I did right now: - Creating Sierra bootable USB (with UEFI mode) - Install...
  9. Jeremymac1981

    Installing Windows and OS X on new PC

    Hi everyone I built a new PC and I would like to install Windows on one drive, and OS X on another. I am new to PC building and currently have MacBook with the latest OS X(10.11.4) and Windows (10) installed via Bootcamp. I would like to like to have the same setup on the new PC, and have...
  10. GagiNik

    Installing OS X on same HDD without erasing installed Win 8.1 and data on other partition

    Years using a variety of computer emulators, recently I got interested for the OS X, so it run as a virtual machine. I decided to install OS X as a second system on the same drive with Windows 8.1. I have 4 partitions C: System and 3 data partition. How to do that without installing the Windows...
  11. cbrugna

    Will having two SSDs make dual booting easier?

    Hello, I recently attempted to dual boot Windows 10 (developer preview) and Yosemite on a Hackintosh only running Yosemite. It did not work and I was wondering if having two different, seperate SSDs would make things easier (one running Windows, the other Yosemite). If this is easy, or even...
  12. BenConway00

    Triple Booting - Mac OS, Ubuntu and Windows 8.1 on one Dell Machine

    Hiya, I want to set up my Dell XPS L501x 15" to triple boot Mac OS, Ubuntu and Windows 8.1. I have already got dual booting working with Windows and Ubuntu however I now want to get Mac Mavericks working with it. I have access to a Mac to set up a bootable USB drive but I need a guide which...