multi booting two ssds

  1. JohnRobie

    Dual boot Monterey and Win 11 (is TPM 2.0 a problem?)

    Hi there, I‘m running a hackintosh with Catalina (clover bootloader) and Windows 10 quite successfully for two years now. Everything works fine (sleep, bluetooth, USB ports mapped, nvram working, etc.) - no issues on either of both OS. HW is GB Aorus Master Z390 with i9 9900k, 64GB RAM, Radeon...
  2. dimkagord

    Help Renaming Boot Microsoft EFI

    Hello! My setup is High Sierra on one SSD, and Windows 8 on another SSD. Windows was installed awhile ago, and HS just recently. I have a legacy BIOS, so Clover is installed in Legacy mode. I've since changed Windows to work in AHCI mode, and have included the NTFS.efi file in my drivers folder...
  3. BobanVelickovic

    High Sierra + Mojave

    I have a high sierra installed and everything works perfectly. Unfortunately my Magic Mouse 2 doesn't work on High Sierra. I want to keep High Sierra. I have two Samsung Pro M2 drives. I would like to try Mojave. Can I install MOJAVE on a separate M2 drive?
  4. Laudrup

    after NVRAM reset: Windows 10 boot issues

    fellow hackintoshers, since this is my first post I would like to thank you for this wonderful forum full of great information. Such a valuable source! :idea: Now, I managed to get my machine up and running (thanks again to this forum!). After having Sierra (12.12) installed (just some minor...
  5. cbrugna

    Will having two SSDs make dual booting easier?

    Hello, I recently attempted to dual boot Windows 10 (developer preview) and Yosemite on a Hackintosh only running Yosemite. It did not work and I was wondering if having two different, seperate SSDs would make things easier (one running Windows, the other Yosemite). If this is easy, or even...