multi boot

  1. snesfan

    Linx 10.1 inch Tablet - Will it Hackintosh?

    I currently have an iPad 2, which with iOS 7 is getting quite slow and old, so I was looking for a replacement and I found that cheap x86 Win8 Tablets are a thing now, and the idea of being able to run full desktop programs sound good, but one problem: Windows. I use an iMac every day, and I...
  2. phiko73

    Mountain Lion on SSD and Windows 8 on separate partioned drive

    Hey, I know there a number of posts on here about installing Windows on a Hackintosh, but many of them cover either installing it on a separate drive or shared on a single partitioned drive. What I am looking to do is this: I have a SSD for ML and all my applications. I the have an...
  3. tyjacobsen37

    restart loop following dual boot setup

    Hey everyone. I have just decided to enter the gaming world so i decided to turn my CustoMac into a dual boot system. I followed all the directions in Going Bald's guide:
  4. appleiscool

    Multi Boot 4x30s + 10.8.x + windows 7/8 + ubuntu

    Install windows 7 after installing os x 10.8.x * Will this work without issues? I've just done a fresh clean install of 10.8.2 but i dont have ubuntu around. I've read Rehabmans guide and the comments on the blog but i'm missing ubuntu - which i hope can just add later, so would like to get...
  5. rale

    Lion and Windows XP on single drive ?

    Is it possible to install OS X Lion or OS X Mountain Lion together with windows XP onto a single hard drive? I couldn't mange to do it. For me the hidden GPT Partition of OS X Lion with ID EE is the source of trouble because windows xp isn't able to handle this partition. When installing...