multi boot

  1. Robbish

    Robbish's 8yr old ATX IvyBridge Hackintosh GA-Z77-DS3H - i5-3570K - HD 4000 [OpenCore/macOS Big Sur]

    Robbish's 8yr old ATX IvyBridge Hackintosh GA-Z77-DS3H - i5-3570K - HD 4000 [OpenCore] (Guide Revision 6.0) Components Gigabyte Z77-DS3H (Revision 1.0) motherboard Discontinued Intel i5-3570K (Ivy Bridge) 3.8 GHz 4-Core Processor CPU Discontinued Gigabyte Z77-DS3H (Revision 1.0)...
  2. icoric

    Adding new Mojave or Catalina boot on a separate SSD, while keeping existing dual boot of High Sierra and Windows 10

    Hi, I could not find a guide on adding a new boot while keeping existing boots intact. Currently, I have a fully working dual boot of Windows 10 and High Sierra (because of not released NVIDIA drivers for my GPU) on separate SSDs. Now I would like to do some coding for iOS and need new version...
  3. BobanVelickovic

    High Sierra + Mojave

    I have a high sierra installed and everything works perfectly. Unfortunately my Magic Mouse 2 doesn't work on High Sierra. I want to keep High Sierra. I have two Samsung Pro M2 drives. I would like to try Mojave. Can I install MOJAVE on a separate M2 drive?
  4. KimTaeGyeong

    Using WOL function when multi-booting Windows and Mac OS

    Windows and Mac OS are multi-booting WOL operation on Windows shutdown, WOL does not work on shutdown on MacOS. What settings should I set? Used Motherboard - ASUS Z170-A
  5. Pineapple68

    Ghost disks in clover screen (or duplicated disks)

    Hello, I finally managed to install Windows 10 on a separate disk as well. Note: To be able to install Windows 10 I had to physically disconnect NVME disk with Mac OS. Now I have 3 disks including a NVME with Mac OS and clover, an archive disk and a disk with Windows installation. The problem...
  6. RoyXVII

    Dual boot on different drives

    Hi everyone, i have a pc i use for gaming, graphics and matlab. Here are my specs: AsRock B250M-ITX Intel Core i5-4430 16GB RAM DDR3 Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming First of all wanted to know if my build is good for hackintosh If it is, this is my situation I have a 256gb ssd on which i have windows...
  7. onx

    Suddenly still waiting for root device

    Hi! I've got dual boot installation: Mac OS X Sierra on 250Gb SSD Samsung 850 EVO Series and Windows 10 on 120Gb SSD Kingston V300 Series. Also there is 2 × 1TB HDD drives for slow data. I'm using Clover to switch between them and everything worked perfect before yesterday. I was working in...
  8. clarklak11

    Booting initialization for Windows 10

    Hello! I already have my hackintosh working and I want to dual boot it with windows 10. What type of extension do I need for the windows 10 OS? Will I download it on as ISO file? and what do I need to do on to my Flash drive when inserting the OS onto it? Thanks!
  9. lautasos

    Unallocated space cant install windows

    Hello friends, i have OSX Sierra with clover installed on my ssd and i wanna install windows on a separate 1tb HDD which also is partitioned, half for mac data and the other half for install windows. I boot windows uefi usb and with windows disk manager on install, i delete the partition and now...
  10. phoenixAL

    Add Windows booting option to Clover

    Hello, I'd like to add a windows booting option to Clover. I have an SSD with a partition for Clover and one for Mac and a second SSD with Windows on it. How do I add to Clover the option to boot from Windows? Thank you
  11. DeMuu

    Problems setting up nVidia drivers

    Hi there :) this is my first Hackintosh build and I'm super excited that it mostly worked out with no particular problems thanks to this amazing community :D I have two SSD's with a Win10 and an El Capitan image and both work just fine. Now my problem is that I bought a GeForce 1070 card and as...
  12. RetroRocker

    Yosemite/Win7 Hackintosh suddenly won't boot MacOSX or show Win7 as a boot option - help!!

    I've been running a stable multi-boot build for a couple of years with basically no problems, and then on the early evening of New Years eve it suddenly started refusing to boot the way it has reliably been doing, for no apparent reason. Seriously, I've done nothing, no changes to startup...
  13. XanderW

    GA-H170-D3HP - i7-6700 - Intel HD530

    XanderW's Build: GA-H170-D3HP - i7-6700 - HD530 Components Motherboard Gigabyte GA-H170-D3HP CPU Intel i7-6700 GPU None so far, just waiting for better 1060/1070 support, so I'll add one later. RAM Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB DDR4 2400MHz CL16 Storage Samsung 850 evo SATA SSD 500GB...
  14. pano_78

    Restart to Windows from OS X ? CLOVER

    I did some research about the topic but i can´t seem to find the answer. I have El capitan installed on one drive and Windows 10 on another, i can select the booting OS on the clover screen when start the machine. My question is: Can i set the boot drive for clover from OS X so when i restart...
  15. Filyox3

    Multi boot - El Capitan and Windows 10 on same SSD

    Hey all! First of all, I want to apologise if my question is already answered, but I've been searching the forums and couldn't find proper solution. Let's get to the question. As you can see from my signature I have Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E540, which came with 1TB HDD. Since it has M.2 port I...
  16. inapis.crazy

    Multibooting El Capitain with Ubuntu 16.04 - Totally confused on what's happening.

    So I've got an Acer Aspire v3-571g laptop (Bios v1.13) with Insyde H20 EFI BIOS 3.7. From what I've noticed is this laptop provides only basic EFI support. The laptop cannot directly boot GPT/EFI devices. However if I press F12, then I see two entries - one listed as normal and other as EFI...
  17. ellissitzky

    Default Bootloader to OS X from Windows

    Background: I've finally gotten my dual boot behaving properly after a bit of work but I have one last wish. Problem: I can now use the Startup Disk pane in OS X to tell Clover to boot Win 7 and it works fine. When I'm in Windows, is there any way I can do the reverse to get back into El...
  18. ellissitzky

    [Solved] Quickest way to remotely reboot in Windows

    Solution: After solving my other issue with getting the right Clover entry to load up that would properly load my Windows in the first place, I am able to utilize the Startup Disk preference pane feature in OS X. Selecting and restarting with the install I want will pass off the default OS to...
  19. petoma

    [Solved] Clover not showing. Multi boot Windows 10 & El Capitan in the same HD.

    Hello everyone, First of all, I would love to congratulate the community and express how grateful I am to the great job you all are doing here. I have been testing with these guides and advices in order to install Mac OS X in my computer and this page and forum are amazing. I had no major...
  20. prati0100

    [Question] Triple booting Windows 7, Linux and OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

    I am planning to triple boot Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Windows and Linux. I already have Linux and Win 7 dual booting flawlessly using GRUB 2. Heres what I plan to do: 1. Install Mac OS in a new partition. 2. After it successfully boots up, create an Ubuntu Live CD and boot into Ubuntu...