1. JakubJKB

    [Solved] MSI 85m-e45, restart instead of shutdown

    Hi everyone. Recently I had some issues after plunging in a HDD to reveal its content in OS X, Clover crashed and no bootable drive was detected. After a few clean installs I eventually managed to install Yosemite and boot from Clover again. The issue is known, OS X reboots instead of...
  2. freaky2xd

    i7-4720HQ + Intel HD 4600 HELP (sierra)

    Hey! I am currently working on a proper clover and plist configuration in order to install macOS Sierra on my MSI GS70 2QE Stealth Pro laptop, but no success :( Anybody managed to boot the clover installer on a similiar system? My osx source is a friends mac mini running the newest version of...
  3. PacDeMan

    UEFI or LEGACY (HELP ME!!!!!)

    Hey! I'm quite new to hackintosh. My motherboard is MSI GD65 P67A. And i'm wondering if i should use UEFI or Legacy Bios mode. I have a bios that support mouse and the bios is very graphical. Msi calls it: Click BIOS Universal Extensible Firmware Interface Which stands for UEFI. But in...
  4. ThalesofMiletus

    Which kexts do i need for my setup?

    Hello i want to try hackintosh, which kexts do i need during installation and after installation? Here are my specs Cpu: Intel i7-2600k Motherboard: MSI H61M-P31 (G3) Gpu: Amd radeon r9 270 Ssd: Corsair ls 120 gb Ram: Gskill 8gb 2x4 1333mhz
  5. NikitaLevin

    MSI GL62 6QD macOS Sierra 10.12.5

    Hallo, everyone! I can’t start macOS. :( Please help)!
  6. pp.amorim

    [Solved] Sierra Boot only with the USB stick plugged

    Hi. I have a MSI z97 mATX Gaming 5, i7 4790K, 16GB DDR3 @ 1600mhz. I have installed the version 10.12.5 and everything works fine (no high res video playback, but this is a thread for another topic). I have created the boot stick using the uniBeast software for Sierra version, everything...
  7. Laureano

    MSI GTX 1050ti, Sierra 10.12.5

    Hello! I have an MSI Gtx 1050ti. Could you give me a simle guide for hdmi video in Sierra 10.12.5? I'm using the latest version of clover
  8. manmenaga

    X99 Xeon DSDT Help needed

    Hi All, need help with resolving error in DSDT. Error Message "Min/Max/Length/Gran are all zero, but no resource tag" Error Code: " DWordMemory (ResourceProducer, PosDecode, MinFixed, MaxFixed, Cacheable, ReadWrite, 0x00000000, // Granularity...
  9. MoXyLe

    Is it compatible build?

    Processor: Intel Pentium G4560 OEM Motherboard: MSI B250M PRO-VH Graphics Card: MSI GTX 1050 TI Gaming X 4G Power Supply: AaeroCool VX-550 550W RAM: Kingston HX421C14FB 8GB HDD: Western Digital WD10EZEX 1TB Can I hackintosh that PC? If no, can you tell me what should I change?
  10. FollowMe

    Can't boot into Mac drive

    I just installed macOS Sierra on my MSI GE62VR 6rf (16gb ddr4/2400, i7 6700hq, gtx 1060) using this tutorial However the installation didn't go so well but after a few Clover args (no idea which one) it worked and installed but when I try to boot it gets stuck at "extension SDK is not...
  11. TungCena

    installation stop on apple icon

    I use clover to make a USB, with config.plist, I follow this link to config, but my graphic card is intel hd 530, so I inject Intel= true and add ig-platform-id=0x19120000 and add a device (IntelGFX|AAPL,GfxYTile|01000000) but I click the install sierra and when the progress bar have load half...
  12. petrikleynhans

    Why are MSI GPU's not included in the list?

    Hello guys. I'm looking into building a new workstation. I can get MSI GPU's a lot cheaper than other brands in South Africa ( I'm looking at the MSI Geforce 1060 3Gb). So my question is, can I consider it, or should I stay away? Thanks.
  13. petrikleynhans

    X299 Build - MSI X299 SLI Plus, i7 7800x, MSI Geforce 1050ti

    Hey all, I've been reading up a LOT on this website, with some great builds. But unfortunately, I don't have reasonable access to the "preferred" components. I live in South Africa, so importing is virtually impossible (none of the US/UK companies ship to SA). In over here, we have a limited...
  14. WoxenAnd

    Is it compatible?

    MSI B75A-G41 (MS-7758) i5 3570 Nvidia Geforce GTX 660 2x8 DDR3 Corsai Vengeance Thinking about changing Mobo to; Gigabyte Z170X-UD5 TH Mobo with Thunderbolt 3 Is that a good idea or?
  15. Danny2908

    Cheap Kabylake Hackintosh

    It's possible to run Os X Sierra with this part? MSI B250M Pro VD Pentium Kaby Lake G4560 Ram DDR4 Hyperx Fury 8Gb Help me, it's my first hackintosh :|
  16. RED-Titan

    [Solved] Installation Problem MSI H110I Pro & i5-6500 (Skylake)

    [SOLVED] Specifications CPU: i5-6500 (Skylake) Mobo: MSI H110I Pro (Bios Version: E7995IMS.380 [04/27/2017]) Ram: Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 8GB DDR4 2400 (Single DIMM) HDD: Crucial MX300 - 275GB Current BIOS Configuration Graphics device = IGPU (not PEG) VT-d = Off Windows 7 installation...
  17. wlodekwolf1

    [Solved] Handoff help needed after swap to BCM94352Z on MSI Z97I Gaming ACK

    Hi, So I have finally swapped my Killer Wireless N1525 to BCM94352Z (Dell DW1560 to be exact). So far working: + WLAN 2,4 GHz + WLAN 5 GHz + AirDrop + Personal Hotspot (Internet working from my iPhone 6+ via Bluetooth) + Localization (Find My ...) Not working: - Hand-off Hand-off do work with...
  18. arkdelkaos

    First Hackintosh; Which motherboard should I buy (between 4 options)?

    A few days ago I saw a new phanteks enthoo evolv tempered glass for just 120€, and I bought it instantly. I wanted to start a new Hackintosh project from a long time, because my iMac mid 2009 is dying hard. ...but you know how it is: I had a lot of doubts, and didn't take the step forward until...
  19. packopunch11

    Wired Apple Keyboard Doesn't Work

    Hello, First Post! I installed macOS Sierra on my PC, but my wired Apple Keyboard Doesn't work, I tested all the USB ports with my wired Apple Mouse and it works, except my keyboard, The keyboard will only work during the Clover Bootloader but once inside the macOS installer it doesn't...
  20. jaysedai

    MSI GT73VR Titan Pro 4k-200

    I need an ultra powerful portable hackintosh video editing computer (+ VR in Windows). This fits the bill perfectly, GTX1080, i7-6820HK, 4K screen, 64GB RAM, Thunderbolt 3. Somebody please take the dive and get it working. :) Yes, I realize it's 9 lbs, but I'm not planning on using it on my lap...