msi z77ma-g45

  1. thegooner

    Advice - First time Micro-ATX hackintosh build for Garageband and Logic

    Hi there, This site has been a great discovery for me, really opened my eyes to the possibilities of getting a new PC and access to Mac OSX too. I'm hoping to upgrade my PC (built the current one nearly 7 years ago), and will be using it for music production (am in a band and want to produce...
  2. comanche344

    MSI Z77MA-G45 with IVY CPU and HD 4000 Graphics Build Help/Guide

    So as soon as i got OSX lion 10.7.4 up and running Apple released Mountain Lion. There was a previous thread for lion so I thought i would start up the mountain lion thread. I am having trouble with Multibeast/Rebooting without Unibeast. Here is what i have so far. 1. Installed OSX Mountain...