msi x99sli

  1. iandw

    What are my chances with a 5820k, an MSI X99 and an MSI 980Ti?

    Hi all, I've been a Mac user for most of my life but last summer I wanted something with a bit more power for 3D modelling than Apple were offering so I built a Windows 10 machine. It's been going fine but there are so many little things that I miss from Mac OS X that I'm tempted to have a go...
  2. aseckel

    Help with MSI x99SLI and EVGA GTX970

    Recently I was able to get a pretty beast pc rig through work and I've been trying to get my OS of choice on it. I've been having trouble getting this build to work. I've seen a few posts recommending using a different graphics card for installation and later installing the nvidia drivers but I...