msi x99a sli plus

  1. litoondev

    NEED HELP To INSTALL hackintosh ON MY PC

    My pc configuration: intel core i7 5820k extreme version motherboard: MSI x99A SLI plus nvidia GTX 1050ti DDR4 24gb 3 month ago I'm trying to install Hackintosh on my pc but I'm failed. But now I will try to install Hackintosh again so anyone please help me to install Hackintosh on my pc...
  2. sen12

    [Solved] Mojave with MSI X99A SLI plus

    Hi! I’m currently running a Sierra install on my system with an MSI X99A SLI Plus, 5820k, 32 gb Kingston 2400 ram, and a 980 ti, but now with the new features in Mojave I decided to upgrade, however this is where my problems start. I tried going off kgp’s guide, but no matter which osxaptiofix...
  3. Nikkei

    Error install El Capitan 10.11.6

    Hello. I had a problem during the installation 10.11.6 on my PC (MSI X99A SLI PLUS, Intel i7-5820K, ASUS GTX 950) Errors: 1. AllocateRelocBloc(): Can not allocate relocation block (0x1A159 pages below 0x100000000): Not Found 2. Using relic block: yes, hebernate wake: no I understand that a...
  4. hcontrer

    Help for installation on MSI X99A SLI Plus / i7-5820k don't boot

    Hi, I read the guide to install El Capitan and this post I have almost the same configuration that this guy, so I should juste follow his advice but it doesn't...