1. raintoad

    [SOLVED] diskutil list not listing external USB drive (all of a sudden)

    I've been using a 2tb USB backup drive for my macos and it's been working fine. it's been some time since I used it, but now suddenly macos (mojave) is not recognizing it. I've tried running diskutil activity to monitor to see if there's anything going on. nothing. I've rebooted into windows...
  2. A.Tony

    I have 2 EFI Folders. How do i find out which one my Hackintosh is using? And which PLIST my Hackintosh is using?

    Question is shown above. I really dont know why i have an EFI and and an EFI2 Folder when i mount my drive. Please help:(
  3. rsujieth

    Previously Used Mac HDD is not showing After Yosemite Installation

    Hi, I don't know much about OS X installation and all.. even though, i have installed Yosemite on my system. everything is working perfectly except my previous mac formatted HDD. it is showing in the DUtility but not mounting. that option is inactive. I have lot of datas in that drive please help.
  4. envying

    Boot with USB plug-in won't be recognized until unplug & re-plugin

    Not sure this is just me. I have my Mojave upgraded to 10.14.1, and by using @RehabMan customized DSDT method. All working fine, until I reboot it with USB drive plugged in. USB drive won't be mounted automatically, I have to unplug in then re-plug back in to have it shown. Please help...
  5. utnuc

    MB 8.0.1 [Mounting EFI failed.]

    Attempting an El Capitan update from Yosemite. Everything went smoothly using Unibeast UEFI Boot Mode. That is, until I tried to update using MultiBeast to get full functionality. Throws this error: Multibeast.log: 12/28/16 23:19:42 - Starting MultiBeast 8.0.1-20151119 12/28/16 23:19:59 -...
  6. Wingfat

    Mounting Thermaltake pump/radiator in Core V21

    Mounting Thermaltake PT40-D5 pump/radiator in Thermaltake Core V21 I started a new built (spring is around the corner) and I opted for a Thermaltake Core V21 (ATX) case and their new water cooling solutions. I went with the RL-240 Kit which has all the basics. The problem I ran into was the...