motion 5

  1. rezamr

    Build for FCP-X 10.0.6 / OS X 10.8.3 ?? Urgent

    Hi guys, I really hope anyone could help me. I really need to build Hackintosh really soon, I'm an editor working mainly on FCP-X 10.0.6 and Motion 5 with minor graphic works on CS6. Best performance on CS 6 is not really a concern as long as I can work with it. Big concern with FCP-X 10.0.6...
  2. phiko73

    Final Cut Pro Crashing (Graphics card problem?)

    Hi all, I just build my very first Hackintosh, and while the experience was trying, I am glad I took on the endeavour. The problem I am having is with Final Cut Pro X and sometimes Motion 5. I am operating the most recent version of both. When I am operating Final Cut Pro X whenever I attempt...