1. newguy

    New to Hackintosh, first computer build

    Hey, new here, I want to make a powerful computer as I am an architect, so using programmes like Revit, AutoCAD, Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, I also make music as a hobby so I use Logic Pro X. I have read a couple guides and that different issues arise depending on the hardware so I was...
  2. hotrattz

    x470 motherboards

    are these hackintosh-able? doesn't seem like they are via the buyer's guide. in particular looking to purchase a x470 gaming pro carbon for my pc.
  3. Fickle-Chris-91

    Motherboard and CPU Advice? Please Help

    Hey guys, First post here but probs first of many. Im going about my first Hackintosh build and Im in the process of wanting to build a good dual boot system for mainly music production on the mac side and gaming (less important) on the windows side. ----- Asus z170 Sabertooth S --OR-- Asus...
  4. sehej

    Why no love for H110M Socket Motherboards?

    Only found a couple of users on the forum who have tried with H110M motherboards. Are these not compatible? They're the most economical boards I found for Skylake CPUs. Anyone who's tried and been successful in building a setup with these?
  5. Smacintosh

    Do these components work?

    Compatibility questions I have some compatibility quesitons. Do these components work together? Motherboard: Asus Z-97 Deluxe RAM: Crucial Ballistix Elite 16GB mSATA: Samsung 850 EVO 1TB HDD: Seagate Desktop with 64MB Cache 1TB In the buyer`s Guide are only recommended the Crucial Ballistix...
  6. jonesints

    Motherboard with Thunderbolt 3 vs Thunderbolt expansion

    I'm looking at building my first CustoMac and want to future-proof it from the motherboard onward. Under recommended mobos in the buyers guide, none seem to have Thunderbolt 3 but I have seen this one available in the UK: 1) How could I...
  7. gsanchez922

    Installation won't start

    Hello everyone, I looking for some help I don't know what I missing but heres is my problem, I follow the installation guide for El Capitan but in the point 4 I'm stock with the apple logo change to something is lock. Here some photos of my bios setting Motherboard MSI h170A Gaming Pro CPU...
  8. exyide

    LGA 2011-v3 Compatablilty

    I have been looking around and waiting a while for any news or update on LGA 2011-v3 compatibility and its been over a year and I still dont see anything about it. Is there any official word yet? Im planning to upgrade my build to an intel i7 5820k and I want to make sure that the motherboard I...
  9. mkm29

    ASUS Maximus VII Hero won't post - 99/A2

    Hi, I built this hackintosh a month or so ago, and after swapping the stock heatsink for a Corsair H100i the system will not post anymore. I have been trying to debug this issue for a few weeks now with no success - I have read as many posts on here related to my issue as possible but none of...
  10. es12071

    Does Gigabyte H87-HD3 work?

    Hi all, does the Gigabyte H87-HD3 mainboard work OOB? Found only several other GA H87 boards in the hardware list. The specs of the H87-HD3 match one or the other boards on the list ... Any experience? BW mcd
  11. Jon7670

    Apple Thunderbolt Display

    Hello, I have a question for the Hackintosh community about something I have not seen much info on, or had a straight forward answer about. My question is; if you have a Thunderbolt compatible motherboard like a Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD7-TH, would you be able to plug in an Apple Thunderbolt Display...
  12. luisma96

    Trying to get the best motherboard for intel's 4770K (help please)

    Before I tell you guys my problem I’d like to give you a little introduction to my self so you can understand this situation better: this year I’m going to be in my first year of college and my daily used workstation is 6 years old now so I thought that it’s time for an upgrade; because I wanted...
  13. CollegeDaze

    Another 1st time Builder

    Decided to go with a prodigy build for my first hackintosh build. I am going to be using this machine mostly as a ripper and an xbmc server, maybe a game or final cut video editing once a year. I am going with a 4th gen i5-4570 haswell cpu, my dilemma is on the mobo and graphics. I have...
  14. AirForce

    Gigabyte Z97 and H97 Motherboards Gallery and Info

    Just thought I'd start a thread which summarizes all we know about the new 9-Series Gigabyte boards. Please share your knowledge and thoughts about layout and design! (I'm not totally sure about posting hyperlinks that lead to news-articles, but here we go.) Gallery with all boards...
  15. OWEN10578

    Will the MSI Z87I motherboard be compatible for hackintosh?

    I want to build a Mini-ITX build and want to dual boot mac and Windows 8, I know that Gigabyte's boards are the most compatible but I don't like that they don't put heatsinks for the VRMs on their Mini-ITX boards. So I found the MSI Z87I, but will it be compatible? If not what are other ITX...
  16. bdzanis

    is this motherboard hackintoshable???

    i`m planning to buy the Asrock Z87 Pro 3 Motherboard , can i use it for a hackintosh ...
  17. coom

    Motherboard for i7-3820?

    Hi guys, suggestions for motherboards working good on i7-3820 processors? Thank you
  18. DanielJamesCollier

    Do you have to use a gigabyte motherboard ?

    i am new to this not really sure about motherboards, would this motherboard be compatible?
  19. Raphael_2014

    How do i know if my MB is UEFI or DSDT!!

    Hi i know i'm going to sound very noob ( which i am) but i have a Dell Inspiron-545s 0T287N i'm currently running linux OS Luna beta 2 but I would like to change it to mac OS X Mountain lion and i need to know if my MB is a DSDT or EUFI how do i go about finding that out? I've tried searching...
  20. jayblar5

    Can you use Multibeast mountian lion for snow leopard install?

    See i have the ga-z77-ds3h board and i was wondering if i could use the new multibeast mountian lion for snow leopard to get the ethernet kext for my motherboard that isnt on the snow leopard multibeast. I'm pretty new at this so any help would be appreciated. Thanks