motherboard compatibility

  1. EmperorWalrus

    Questions About Compatible Motherboard

    I'm interested in building a hackintosh as my first ever computer build. I want to do this more for fun and try to go as cheap as I can to get it to work decently. I have found a Dell Inspiron 580 on Ebay for a very good price and I wonder if the motherboard on that, or the computer in general...
  2. japun

    HELP!!! 1st hackintosh build soon-to-be with a macOs Sierra 10.12.5

    Hi, I just wanna seek some advise for my 1st hackintosh build soon-to-be with a macOs Sierra 10.12.5. I currently have a windows 10 build with: Motherboard: ECS Z170-Claymore Audio: 8-Channel HD audio CODEC Realtek ALC1150 8-channel High Definition audio CODEC LAN: Realtek DRAGON...
  3. Acden

    Thunderboalt in motherboard or PCIe card?

    Dear friends, I'm building my first Hackintosh based on Intel i7-6700 processor. I want to choose the best motherboard in the budget of $250, maybe less, maybe more. As I already have Apple Thunderbolt Display for my Mac Pro, I'm interested in using it with my new build. I saw several...
  4. Gavsum

    Motherboard Compatibility (In general & ASUS ROG MAXIMUS mITX)

    Hello All, Just wondering if anyone has any info on what exactly it is that makes one motherboard compatible and another not? Is it just trial and error or are there some specs that can be checked to determine somethings compatibility? Also, I am wondering if anyone knows if the Asus ROG...
  5. GJJR

    WiFi & graphics card in mini-ITX build?

    This will be my first computer build ever! My goal is something to run Photoshop and LightRoom quickly and efficiently, processing significant numbers of raw files, while potentially having several other programs open as well, like mail, Chrome and Word. I have no interest in gaming (I know...
  6. Torkerz

    Thunderbolt for Hackintosh

    How do folks! I am gathering hardware for my mac pro build and I have a few questions about Thunderbolt. As i'm going to be using my build for music production, my hardware will need to have thunderbolt compatibility, i.e. the Focusrite Clarett interface. Looking at the Mac Pro builds...
  7. JarrettSM

    Want to make sure this motherboard will work!

    Hello, I saw the list of compatible motherboards and saw the Asus z97 Pro is listed. I prefer the aesthetics of the Asus z97 Pro Gamer and I wanted to make sure it will work before I buy it for my build. I'll be sure to share it with the forum when I build it! -Jarrett
  8. Kratharos

    Can you help me with my first hackintosh? (Video Editing and After Effects)

    Hi everyone!, first of all excuse me if my english is not so good. I'm building my first hackintosh and I've been the last few months learning what is required to build a custo mac pro. My budget it's a little tight (can't get a killer machine) but I still have money for this stuff. Anyway...