1. getech

    I'm having trouble with my Gigabyte GA-H61M-S1 BIOS

    Hello greetings to all! It is the first time I make a post this forum and I apologize if it is not the correct section to post but it is please move it to the place that is correct. But I am looking for a solution to my computer that I leave the following details I have a PC Intel(R) Core (TM)...
  2. matthewbayard

    Won't Boot with RAID Connected

    Hi Everyone, I've been pulling my hair out over this one. I've had a very stable Hackintosh build since 2014. It worked well for many years. Installation was and managed to upgrade over several OSX releases. *Product Category Motherboard *Model Name GA-Z87X-UD7 TH(rev.2.0) BIOS Ver...
  3. Derpintosh

    Future Support for Z370 Mobo

    Hello kind people, I've been reading through this site a few weeks now, and i think i will give my own hackintosh a shot. I have some concerns due to the launch of Intels new Coffee lake architecture. As some of you have pointed out, these new chips wont be natively supported for quite some...
  4. awesomeepicguy

    [SOLVED] Bluetooth USB header for BCM94331CD to PCI-E PCI Express x1 Adapter?

    Just purchased this adapter, and the corresponding card. Wi-Fi works out of the box perfectly. There is a wire for the BT, and I plugged it in on the adapter. But where does it go on my motherboard? It is a 9 pin connector, with 4 on the top and 5 on the bottom, with the top right one being...
  5. ddavee

    [SOLVED] Clover UEFI not booting on Asus P8H67-M Pro

    I have a Asus CM6650 Computer with a Asus P8H67-M Pro motherboard and I am trying to boot clover to install Sierra. However, once I try to boot Clover from a USB, I see black screen with a cursor. I used Unibeast to create the Sierra USB for both Legacy and UEFI to install the clover bootloader...
  6. ivanreel

    Help on HW verification for OSX Sierra build

    Hello all, was wondering of anyone could review my hardware configuration and let me know if I am good to move ahead and install OS X Sierra. All the options are very confusing to review. Pretty sure most of you on this board have way more experience. CPU Intel Core i7 2600 @...
  7. Anuj-Mac

    Please Guide me. confused in selecting parts .!

    Here is my config .... processor - i7 6700k 6th gen MotherBoard - msi z170 gaming m5 Ram - DDR4 G.Skill 32 gb 2666 mhz or 3000 mhz Storage - 1 TB = 3500 SSD - samsung 850 evo 250 GB cabinet - cooler master Mid tower / or any nice mid tower @ master c box cooler - Corsair hydro series or...
  8. theofficialgent

    Post-Installation Motherboard Will No Longer Boot Up

    After running my post instillation with multibeast, I can no longer reach the eufi/bios on my motherboard my computer is in a constant cycle of turning off and turning back on, I have disconnected everything from the board, and left one working ram stick in. Is this a coincidence and my...
  9. tmpadj

    Wireless on the GA-H77N-WIFI Mobo

    Has anyone tried to unhook the intel wifi card off the mobo and connected it into the PCI-E slot to utilize it instead of having to buy a separate wifi card? I figured that since you already have one maybe you could just move it off the direct board connection to the PCI-E slot.