mother board

  1. PullPull

    Update to Mojave with old build

    Hi everyone, I'm french, so sorry if my english is not perfect. I need to upgrade my old 2012 hackintosh build which works very well with Capitan to Mojave. Actually, i'm a video editor and I need it for new workflow decided with coworkers. My current build is : Motherboard : Gigabyte...
  2. jaygunz

    Motherboard Recommendations for Thunderbolt 3

    Hello, I am planning my next build which I plan to use X299 platform but I will need a motherboard compatible with a Thunderbolt 3 add-in card or have Thunderbolt intergraded. Here is the Add-in card.
  3. JerryJia

    MSI Z370: Can similar motherboards share the same EFI file or tweaks required?

    Hey guys, I am working on a Hackintosh build. I currently own a MSI Z370 Gaming Plus and 8700k, but unfortunately I cannot find anyone who has ever finished his or her build based on this motherboard. Meanwhile, I found out that there are many successful cases builded upon MSI Z370-A PRO, and...

    RX 480 not recognized by MoBo anymore

    I was using it normally, shut it down and then, the next time I tried to turn the computer on, it wasn't posting video through the RX 480. I was able to get video through the iGPU but neither the MoBo or the system recognises the RX 480. I tried cleaning the contacts, nothing. The RX 480 is...
  5. Draque

    Reboot on Sleep - 8700K / NZXT N7 Motherboard / 1080Ti

    I posted this originally on another thread and @RehabMan suggested I post it on here. I've been trying to get my build to go to sleep for weeks. I don't have a baseline to share anymore but I've pretty much done everything I can think of. The problem is the it basically goes to sleep and...
  6. kengg2011


    Hi all, I have tried to install High Sierra and the installer wouldn't pass the apple screen to install High Sierra. Is there anyone who would be willing to make me an installer for High Sierra? It would be appreciated Thanks. Gear: Intel core i7 2600k HP factory motherboard Crucial SSD I...
  7. raulmac2020

    Gigabyte b150 ds3h + i5 7400 + ddr4+ nvidia1050 2gb

    It is possible to run sierra or el capitan with this mother gigabyte b150 ds3h, Has updated the bios and supports my i5 7400, At some point I try but I can not do it, if anyone knows I could put the steps, if I do not have the last resource change for the 270 d3h gigabyte Thank you for your answers
  8. exit7

    Looking for a Problem-Free Motherboard (or as close as I can get)

    Basically, I'd like a motherboard that is capable and expandable, but I had a bad experience with the Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD5. It kept creating new, false boot entries on startup, and while trying to fix that I managed to nearly brick the system. It's been months since that happened, and I...
  9. thealika

    SUCCESS: ASUS Z270G + i7 7700K + NVMe + Intel HD630

    UPADE HERE:>>> 10.15.3 CATALINA UPDATE Hi everyone, I finally (after 2 weeks) got my Hackintosh to boot!!! And I'm sharing my experience in the form of a 7min easy to follow Video Tutorial with files attached. Before this video starts, you will need to do the following: 1. Make a Bootable USB...
  10. joeri454

    Will this motherboard support Sierra?

    Dear, Will this motherboard support sierra? MSI Z270 SLI PLUS I have also a gtx 1070 and an i5 6500 Will the installation be the same of a Gigabyte motherboard? Best regards, Joeri
  11. bjam

    Ready to buy - Will this MOBO work with my build?

    Hi there, So this is my potential build, and i'm ready to start the process! I'm just on the fence with the MOBO still. I'm very novice to this, and would really appreciate some insight on what to get. I was thinking that the 270 gaming 8, even though there isn't anything by way of guides for...
  12. srmusico

    Im really Confused. What thunderbolt MoBo Should I Buy?

    Hello everyone!. im not new with hackintosh, but this will be the first time to create a hackintosh with thunderbolt. First of all, i have read some info about MoBos with Thunderbolt, but im a bit confused. I need to create a working hackintosh with Thunderbolt 2/3 . At this moment i know that...
  13. Clomascara85

    Build Old Mountain Lion 10.8.5

    Hello everyone. have problem to choosing the correct components to create my hack. Unfortunately I have a software compatible only with mountain lion. I'm currently working with an Apple Mac mini mid-2012 but would like to use more video outputs (3) and pci cards (to work in HD using protools...
  14. karimhustler


    Hi there!! Im planning to assemble a new hackintosh machine. my main purpose is for infotainment! I may work with(video editing,photo editing)after effects,sony vegas pro,premier pro,photoshop,final cut pro x etc And which version of os-x should i install. Basically I'm a movie lover so i would...
  15. Torkerz

    Thunderbolt Motherboard

    How do folks! I am gathering hardware for my mac pro build and I have a few questions about Thunderbolt. As i'm going to be using my build for music production, my hardware will need to have thunderbolt compatibility, i.e. the Focusrite Clarett interface. I have seen Thunderbolt 3...