1. KR13

    HELP: Setting up correct OsxAptioFix for MSI X99A / i7-6800 / GTX1080

    Have been trying different things over 2-3 weeks now and just keep getting the " ++++++++++++++++++++ " when trying to boot in verbose mode. Not sure if it has to do with my config.plist or my OsxAptio options, but either way: it is beyond me, having zero experience doing this before...
  2. TheMrAleg22

    School Year Long Project & 1.8K Build Aus

    Hello, im in year 10 and because our school does a thing called the IB i must do a project that requires me to make, do or research something i am interested in. I have decided to make a Dual boot computer because my mum and dad like using mac and my brother will be using it too only he likes to...