1. jkfde

    Mac Pro Inspired Case

    I really like the mac pro case inside and out. But wish it had more airflow on the top and bottom. My goal is to create a case, with mac pro quality (and a little smaller), but combine the designs of the mac pro, and the enthoo mAtx evolve. Here is what i got so far, I would like design...
  2. Solidsnake1019

    Upgrading G4 cube-Need Newcomer advice

    Hello everyone. I am wanting to build a G4 Cube using modern hardware. I'm extremely new to the world of PC building. I've only upgraded my graphics card, installed fans, and replaced PSU's. However, I absolutlety love the PowerMac G4 cube. It's a beautiful machine and I want one that is up to...
  3. demoneivo

    DemoneIvo iMac g4, 17" mod! Need advice on this project!

    Hi folks, I follow iMac g4 mods on this forum since first attempts and I have to say that here there are a lot of great engineers! My compliments! :D:D:D I have decided to try to build a mod by myself but I need senior advice. Hope that you can give suggestion and help me in realizing this...