1. alexnov

    Flawless 9th Intel built for Mojave

    Hello everybody, Please advise the perfect built with i9 Intel CPU so that any kid could install Mojave on it! There're lots of Z370/390 MBs but what will be the flawless with Mojave installation? My current list is: INTEL Core i9 9900K GIGABYTE Z370P D3 PATRIOT Signature PSD416G24002...
  2. pkdesign

    Best Motherboard for New i9-9900K Build?

    I've seen all the recommendations here and elsewhere, but I'd like to know what you think based on personal experience. What is the best motherboard for a new build? I am very partial to Gigabyte. I've had my current build for 10 years and it is rock solid. I have have nearly zero problems with...

    RX 480 not recognized by MoBo anymore

    I was using it normally, shut it down and then, the next time I tried to turn the computer on, it wasn't posting video through the RX 480. I was able to get video through the iGPU but neither the MoBo or the system recognises the RX 480. I tried cleaning the contacts, nothing. The RX 480 is...
  4. Sourabh290292

    Need help to Buy New Motherboard

    hi i M planning to buy motherboard and Cpu I7 8700k.. So which of the following motherboards shall i prefer to buy for installling High Sierra Gigabyte B360H D3h Gigabyte H370M D3h Gigabyte Z370m D3h For Graphics What Should is Use.I have these following options Nvidia 710 Nvidia GT 1030
  5. fadis96

    Z87x-d3h dead(boot loop)! Replacement?

    Today brought an end to my motherboard! It continuously short beeps then restarts with no output. This happened after I restarted my machine. The computer was stuck at the Gigabyte splash screen. So I pulled out the RAM and that was that. The Gigabyte site suggests that short continuous beeps...
  6. prowlmedia

    USB Hub only works when Re-plugged in - works in Bios

    So I have a Powered USB 3 hub that works during bios ( Keyboard plugged though ) but when booted into Sierra does not work UNTIL it's removed from and re-plugged in to the USB. Asus z-87 Deluxe Mobo
  7. ziggenpuss

    Audio Noob MOBO & Universal Audio Apollo other advice needed..

    Hi all, Okay building my first Hackintosh, also first build of a computer. Only ever used Mac since mid 90s, currently using a MacBook Pro Retina 2012, owned since new and still going strong but the beach ball :beachball:creeps in here and there. Plus I have 2 Dell P2715Q 4K monitors which I've...
  8. dime01

    Sierra on GA-Z270 Gaming k3 // i5-7400 Kaby Lake

    Can someone please help me installing Sierra. I've try few times but no success :( I need some good guides, drivers and settings for my motherboard I have: i5-7400 Kaby Lake GA-Z270 Gaming k3 Thanks
  9. exit7

    Looking for a Problem-Free Motherboard (or as close as I can get)

    Basically, I'd like a motherboard that is capable and expandable, but I had a bad experience with the Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD5. It kept creating new, false boot entries on startup, and while trying to fix that I managed to nearly brick the system. It's been months since that happened, and I...
  10. redversus

    Best z170 or z270 Asus Mobo with as little tinkering as possible?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to build a new pc and am looking at Asus boards to pair with an i7-6700k. Will either be going ATX of MATX and have pretty much narrowed it down to the Z270g, z270f, z170 pro gaming/aura, or maximus viii hero boards. I'm looking for the board that is going to involve the...
  11. fstop

    Noobie MOBO Help Please... 4K Editing / X-Plane

    Greetings, I posted this question elsewhere, but I think I may have chosen the wrong forum location Like many others here 20+ year Mac user ready to build my own. I do what I would consider fairly light 4K editing (No Features...) and run the X-Plane simulator. I'm currently on a Mac 1,1...
  12. 08MacPro

    about the buyer's guide page

    One things I want to know about the buyer's guide page is that how they arrange the list for each component. I am a newbie here and i don't know what is the best for each component and i've spend some time reading here and there. but, still don't know where to start. when i scrolled down to the...
  13. Winthryth

    Mini PCI-E to PCI-E Adapter shorting-out Mobo

    I decided to make this post because I was having this problem where my AW-CE123H wifi card, plugged into a Mini PCI-E to PCI-E adapter, was shorting out my mobo. I know others who have had this problem too, and I couldn't find any posts talking about this problem. On particular wifi cards...
  14. furiousmother

    USB Ports connecting, but not showing up in Finder

    Hi Everyone, this is my first post on here. I finally got Sierra running on my build with graphics card and audio working, but for some reason none of my USB ports seem to be responding in Finder. They are all connecting though (mouse/keyboard working, phone charging), they just don't seem to...
  15. lant4r

    [Solved] Multibeast Ethernet Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD3

    Hello i recently just built a hackintosh and I am in the post installation process(I am able to reboot, login, and get to the desktop). I am currently running into the issue of not being able to connect to the Internet via Ethernet cable from Airport Extreme Router(i did not buy a wireless card...
  16. iVirusYx

    My first build: ASUS vs Gigabyte vs ???

    Hey there fellow Hackers! I'm new here and I hope you can give me some advice for my first Hackintosh compatible build. Intro (for the curious) I have a MacPro 4.1 (early 2009), which I was barely able to upgrade to macOS Sierra. I had to apply a workaround, however I fear that as of next...
  17. thenelleh

    Which motherboard would you recommend for a Skylake build and why

    Hello everyone, So, i am currently in the process of purchasing parts for my upcoming Late December (2016) build. Listed down below are the motherboards that I have been struggling to choose from. I would like a motherboard that has the best support for Mac OS and that is also highly...
  18. LOG4920

    Using a corsair h100i v2 w/ Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD5

    I am still waiting to receive my SSD (for my build) and in the meantime have been testing my setup on the bios but have been unable to adjust the cpu cooling fan speed. Now corsair uses a 3-pin connecter while the mobo utilises a 4-pin PWM CPU_FAN connecter. Is there anyway to control the RPM...
  19. dudatx

    asus z97-a or GA HA97-d3h

    asus z97-k or GA HA97-d3h hi everyone, i'm looking for a new hackintosh machine, to use for audio production, and some 3d graphic and video editing stuff. For the price and the specs the two mobo in the title seems interesting: they have M.2 and 10gb\s line for ssd and pci, some technical...
  20. zanflank

    New Hackintosh with existent parts

    Hi all! This is my first post :) I have a windows 10 Pc and I would like to make it smaller using a mITX motherboard. Actually I have this parts: 4790k Asus Z87-C 8GB*2 Corsair Vengeance @1600 CL10 Gigabyte 970 G1 extra: 840Pro 256GB (Win10) WD Black 1TB (Documents) 850EVO 500GB (OSX)...