1. cci[RR]us

    [Solved] Big Sur 11.4 update is missing on 11.3.1

    On my ProBook 4540s that has Big Sur 11.3.1 installed and working fine, it cannot find the 11.4 update. It says it is up to date. Any ideas how to let Software Update find the latest 11.4 update? Alternatively, is there another way to update to 11.4? Thank you!
  2. jaymonkey

    [SOLVED] Missing IGPU trace with Intel Power Gadget

    Hi All, Recently I noticed that on all my Hacks Intel Power Gadget (IPG) was no longer showing a trace for the IGPU:- This was odd as previously it worked fine. Initially thought that it was caused by the 10.14.5 update, so i booted to an earlier backup of MacOS and it too suffered the same...
  3. ldaniel-jmz

    MacOS partition suddenly missing from Clover

    I followed most of @RehabMan guides to install macOS and get most of the functions working on my laptop. I've been using it for about 6 months without any concerns. One day I started the system and the macOS partition didn't show up on Clover, in fact there is no partition showing in Clover. I...
  4. Youthicks

    "Missing operating system"

    I'm trying to create a hackintosh for the first time and after watching many videos, researching on the forums, and making sure my hardware is compatible, I created a boot USB drive using Unibeast. I then went into my computer's BIOS and made sure all of the settings were correct. Once I had...
  5. DanielLee

    Mojave USB Installer Missing

    Hey guys, I've searched all over the forum for an answer to this but haven't found a solution. I'm trying to do a clean install of Mojave and having a hard time getting the USB installer to work. For some reason nothing will show up when I try to boot into my USB. I've tried the UEFI and Legacy...
  6. GeorgeSmith

    Missing operating system.

    Hi, Today I was trying to install macOS Mojave on my PC, but when i try to boot from the installer usb it says "Missing operating system". I was looking it up in the forum, but everyone is saying that i should format it guid. I was formatting it in macOS extended(journaled) and there was no...
  7. hockeyplayer323

    Missing Digital out

    Idk how but now I'm missing my digital out output. No idea how that happened. Only thing I remember installing was an update for Nvidia drives. Been trying to figure this out for days... Any help is greatly appreciated!
  8. xWaVeXeVaWx

    [Solved] Don't Have "Boot macOS from High Sierra" Option After Install

    I installed Sierra a while ago, but don't remember having to add anything special other than FakeSMC. Long story short, I messed it up trying to install High Sierra the first time, tried fixing it (can't seem to boot from that hard drive anymore), and gave up trying to find fixes. Now I'm just...
  9. Samuele99it

    macOS couldn't be installed on your computer

    Hi, I have had a problem for more than two days and I do not know how to solve it. someone can help me, I'm a beginner on the subject. TNKS
  10. filippo0002

    BIOS Options not available

    I just bought a z370 aurus gaming 5 for my new hackintosh as i saw many people having successful installations with relatively low roadbumps but I found myself a bit confused as soon as I got into the BIOS. A lot of options are not available on my motherboard BIOS: Os selection, a ton of...
  11. Westechy

    No login background

    when i boot up my hack the login screen doesnt have any background picture in it, i installed the multibeast drivers of which i needed and solved the apple logo not being there but the background at the login screen is not showing properly
  12. 2008WindowsVista

    Unable to boot- Hang at "missing bluetooth controller transport!"

    I have tried reinstalling Mavericks at least 10 times (not exaggerating) now with a combination of different BIOS settings, driver choices in multibeast, and boot args, and I ALWAYS get stuck at the exact same point. I can successfully install Mavericks. Once the installation is complete, I can...
  13. CenturyFall

    [solved] Can't install on Toshiba Satellite P855-S5200

    I am trying to install El Capitan onto a 2012 Toshiba Satellite P855-S5200 laptop. I get Clover to boot, and when I click to the Apple installer (IGPlatform and IGPEnabled with verbose flags) it will run into a few errors. The first is that it says the previous shutdown cause: 5 (or 10)...
  14. woltoe

    [ISSUE] MISSING Bluetooth Controller Transport

    Hello, guys. I created bootable USB with OS X El Capitan. I tried to use Clover as bootloader v3264, v3270 (Unibeast), v3277 in Legacy mode. Every time, I've started booting from the USB, I've got an error: "Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport I tried to use really huge number of...
  15. Kenneett

    Missing ethernet on GA-Z97M-D3H

    Hello, I have installed Yosemite on my computer and almost everything works pretty fine. The biggest problem i have now is that my ethernet is not working! It worked fine before i installed with the MultiBeast, after that it disappeard. I have no clue on what i can do to fix this. I have tried...
  16. kopazetic

    Mac OS partition gone after reboot using clover

    Hello All, I just setup my HP Probook 6570b with the latest clover and Mavericks. I have been going strong for the past two days. Honestly, I have done a lot of hackintoshs and this one was literally flawless until today. It was working all day multiple power ons and shutoffs and I got home and...
  17. LoQuad

    Yosemite: Missing icons in menubar, sidebar, and navigation icons for finder and safari

    Please help! I've found very few threads that mention this, and following them has not helped! I am missing icons in the menubar, including the apple and wifi icons. I am also missing items in the sidebar, and buttons from both finder and safari. The pics show what I'm talking about. I...
  18. MistaT

    Unable to intstall Mountain Lion Unibeast on HP DV6-3225dx

    I have been trying to install Mountain Lion from Unibeast USB on a HP Pavilion DV6-3225DX Intel i3 core and have had no luck with multiple bootflags. When I boot with -x - v I get this panic When I boot -x -v cpus=1 I get this panic and ends with Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport! Can...
  19. Aqil

    Stuck at Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport!

    Can someone help me? I installed OS X on my hard drive after I patched my BIOS using pmpatch but when I tried to boot from it, it stuck at Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport. I've tried to boot with; -v -f GraphicsEnabler=No but still failed.