1. Machinee

    rosa - Clover Bootloader Theme

    rosa Hello people, back with another minimalistic theme. I call it rosa. Feel free to try it out. Current OS icons Debian Fedora Legacy Mac Mint Ubuntu Windows Features Banner Custom checkbox Custom font Custom icons Custom radio button Scrollbar Download release on GitHub!
  2. bikenbeer

    Minimum graphics hardware for Mojave build

    Am I understanding the Buyers Guide correctly - the CustoMac Mini - using the ASUS ROG Strix H370-I Gaming motherboard - would not require a graphics card in the PCIe slot? I would like to build my first hackintosh, but do not plan on running any games or graphics intensive applications, and...
  3. s0niqu3

    Softgrey theme for Clover

    For 4-5 years now I've used a soft grey, minimal/boot-camp style theme for refit on my MBP (I think I found it originally on ubuntu forums) and now that I have my hackintosh up and running with Clover, I set out trying to find a matching theme. And while the mlcamp theme was close (and is really...