mini itx best lga1150

  1. Pineapple68

    Asrock Z270 Gaming-ITX/ac is compatible / working?

    Hi I was looking - like many other - for a thunderbolt mini-itx motherboard. Some days ago I found the "Fatality", also quoted in few post in the forum. I see that is in the Early adopter buying advice. (and it's now available on My question are: will work with Clover/macOs? The...
  2. vincog

    Need sugestion for new build mini itx haswell

    Hai i am new in hackintosh, i want to build new pc but still confusing about motherboard. what is the best motherboard (mini itx lga 1150) for hackintosh (el capitan) that just work (easiest instalation)?? for your information i will use this hardware: cpu: i5 4950 ram: corsair vegeance 16gb...