midi devices

  1. lewisnorthengland

    MIDI Problem With Logic Pro X On Open Core Monterey (Mac Pro 5,1)

    So I installed the latest Logic Pro X on my Mac Pro 5,1 running Monterey with the Opencore patch and I'm having issues with my external MIDI instruments. When I open the Audio MIDI Setup app, the instruments are showing as "online" but when I play them in Logic I get nothing. If anyone at all...
  2. John778877

    MIDI not working, Missing MIDI drivers, Noise leakage to speakers Apollo Twin Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C)

    Hello all, I have everything working except 2 problems and maybe some of you had the same issues and could help me to get directed to the right direction. I am using the computer for home studio music production. I use Universal Audio Apollo twin MK2 Solo. This is a analog to digital converter...