mid range

  1. Drac6

    Hackintosh for Logic pro X (Mid Range).

    Alrighty Straight to the point. I am planning to build a Hankintosh mainly for the Music (Logic pro x) and to spend little time on editing videos. I would be using 3 monitors. After a lot of research I am planning to built it with the following config: 1) Intel Core i5 8600K Processor. 2)...
  2. Felix1999

    Need some help to build my first computer (400/700$)

    I don't know much about computer building, but hackintosh really catch my attention and I'm really interested into building a machine. In this price range, I'm know that i'm not gonna get incredible performance but I want a least being able to do some light gaming, editing with Final cut...
  3. Jnrss

    yet another build check request

    Hi. I'm completely new to building a pc / hack. Could someone please give this list a once over. All of the parts are from the buying guide (except for a wd hd instead of the seagate). Hackintosh will be used for basic web browsing and simple video editing (quicktime / iMovie). Any...
  4. raptorxrx

    Help me choose some parts :)

    Long story short: I impulsively sold most of my computer parts. When researching new parts, I was welcomed into the hackintosh world. Budget:$575 Parts I have left over: EVGA GTX 560ti Plextor M3 128gb Seagate 750gb Samsung RAM 8gb Need: Case PSU MOBO CPU HSF Wireless Card What I'm...