1. royalrex

    IOConsoleUsers error Surface Book 2 Catalina after install

    I could install macOS Catalina on my Surface Book 2 15 inch i7 8650U Intel UHD 620 The installation completed with my setup on clover but unfortunately I can't load the OS itself and it's just crashes on IOConsoleUsers: gIO ScreenLockState 3... The issue doesn't exist on installation and...
  2. Razak87

    Surface pro 6 - Kernel panic After 6 seconds.

    Hello everybody. I am trying to install 10.14 on a Surface Pro 6 (release in oct 2018). Some owners of Surface Pro 5 have successfully installed (guides in links) Mac Mojave and High Sierra. I stuck in Kernel Panic and even it froze before showing the Kernel Panic message. The process stops...
  3. fszaha

    Surface Book 2 15" Mojave on external HDD Guide

    This is what I did to get my SurfaceBook 2 15" running Mojave on a USB external hard drive. So far, keyboard, trackpad, and display works. No audio, wifi, GTX 1060 attempted. Steps here are the parts that I used from this main laptop guide...
  4. chiendo97

    Auto deactivate Microsoft Office license after reboot.

    Hi guys. I'm facing a very weird issus. After I activated successfully my office in my hackintosh, Microsoft server detect my hack as a NEW macbook profile as the same name (you guys can see the picture I attached for more details). So after I reboot, my office is deactivated and I had to...
  5. BlueBellMama

    Microsoft Surface 2

    These are the specifications: CPU: 1.71 GHz Quad Core 32-bit NVIDIA TEGRA 4 RAM: 2.00 GB Operating system: Windows RT 8.1, 32-bit, ARM-based processor Desired Mac OS X: Sierra Public Beta (10.12) macOS is not compatible with ARM CPUs, Mac OS X Lion is the last Macintosh operating system with a...
  6. diehlkj

    Surface 3 (non-Pro)

    OK so I've searched the web far and wide but no matter where I look I only ever see posts about the surface Pro line, never just the 3. So, after giving up on searching I've come here to find my own help. Would it be possible to run a recent version of OS X on a regular old Surface 3 with an...
  7. Mak1702

    my PS/2 keyboard not working in mac....

    :| my ps/2 keyboard not working in retail installation on my customac..... but I have to make an account before installing multibeast but i can't do because my keyboard is not working.....need some help of yours.... thanks in advance
  8. c0nartiste

    OSX on a Microsoft Surface Pro

    I was having a look at Microsoft's Surface Pro Tablet Specifications and I was thinking, I am really interested in helping the community hack the device to turn into a ultra portable OSX experience. I think the Pen input would help a lot with the OSX UI interface. If you have a look at the...