1. Sprocket-Audio

    Merging USB UEFI 10 PE recovery USB into clover bootloader

    OK, firstly, sorry if this is in the wrong location, but I'm having some trouble with this.. Let me first say, I have succesful 10.10.5 and Win 10 UEFI booting with clover. I have a Macrium UEFI Win 10 PE 10 recovery USB stick, which works perfectly if I boot it using F8 on post. It also shows...
  2. cr4nberry

    Migrating from NTFS to HFS+ by merging two halves of HDD

    Hello guys! Im running 10.9.2 and want to switch my 1TB Seagate Barracuda HDD from NTFS to HSF+, since I read that the reason for OSx to be NTFS read only is that is not natively supported, and risky to dodge this and write on it anyways. Now, my disk has about 400GB used, and about 600 free...