mediatek ralink usb wifi

  1. benthewolf

    Solved > Ralink/Mediatek usb wifi dongle not working.

    Hello, I have a Mojave install. My wifi card isn't supported so I opted to get a usb wifi dongle, I tried it on my mac os hackbook and it doesn't work I installed a driver but all to no avail can anyone please offer some help ? The product id is 0x7601 The vendor id is 148F *It worked on...
  2. vfioravante

    MediaTek Wireless Dongle MT7601 Chip - Sierra

    Hi! I spent several days trying to make this wireless USB dongle working at Sierra, so now I could, I would like to share with you. The files I used are just below. It is necessary to install the RT2870 Kext and the wifi utility. :D:headbang:
  3. Yamine

    Wireless Card Compatibility

    Hi everybody, I plan to turn my PC into a hackintosh but I've seen that due to my wireless card which is a Mediatek, I won't be able to have a wireless network coverage (Mediatek drivers for mac don't exist). Has it been solve? If not let me know what other solutions I have left. Thanks.
  4. Orochimarufan

    Official MediaTek Wireless Utility on El Capitan (Tested with Archer T2U)

    Official MediaTek Wireless Utility I recently got a TP-LINK Archer T2U to use with OS X (El Capitan) on my Laptop until I decide if I want to swap out the PCI card (Intel). The reason I went for a Ralink/MediaTek stick is the absence of WPA-EAP (802.1x) on the Realtek OS X drivers. However...