1. kezueli

    Formatting partition problem

    Hello, I hope this is the right place to post this. I've been looking on the webs like a mad man to find an answer to my problem but couldn't find a single answer that would fix it, so I came here to share it with you all. I have problems whit installing Sierra on my PC (which is compatible)...
  2. Dazzlepoint

    [solved] can't partition disk

    I finally managed to boot the installer. but i can't erase the partition for mac osx. Windows 10 is already installed on the disk. And the drive uses the GUID Partition Table. I tried to make a HFS+ partition with Gparted but Mac Os can't install on this format. When i tried to erase the...
  3. crazyboy24

    [Guide] Solving Media Kit reports not enough space on device for requested operation error!

    Hello, This is a guide which I decided to make after solving the problem "Media Kit reports not enough space on device for requested operation" on my laptop. Problem: Try to format a partition for installing Mac on your laptop, but it reports the above problem. Tried Deleting the partition...
  4. lazyalex92

    "Mediakit reports partition (map) too small" - Yosemite installation on HP envy 15

    Hi everyone, I have a problem completing the installation of Yosemite on my HP envy 15. I followed the guideGuide To Install Yosemite on HP Laptops with Clover UEFI and everything is ok, Yosemite installation boots up but when I have to choose the partition of my drive (I have dedicated only...
  5. indranil

    Trying to install Mavericks on SSD with Windows already on

    Hi, Hardware config: MSI MPower Z87 Motherboard Intel i5 4670k 3.4GHz (with Corsair H100i liquid cooling) 16 GB DDR3 RAM @ 1333Mhz (I have an XMP option of running it at 1867Mhz, but haven't turned it on) Zotac NVidia GTX780 3GB Graphics card Samsung 840 Pro Series 256GB SSD WD 2TB Black HDD...