1. kresbeatz

    [Solved] kernel_task high CPU after 15 mins of idle time

    Hello! I'm experiencing very strange problem on my Hackintosh under Sierra 10.12.4. Everything works great and very fast, but if I leave my computer for 15-20 minutes (with/without screensaver, display on/off, tried any combination) and come back after it performing super glitchy and slow...
  2. stiligFox

    Need help with finishing touches

    Hello everyone! I have a couple long term issues that I've been trying to fix to no avail; Screen saver causes lock ups and Power Management. Hardware: Intel i7 4790k (stock speed) MSI GTX 980 TI (latest Nvidia web driver) ASUS Maximus VII Gene (Z97) motherboard 32GB DDR3 g.skill RAM (4x8GB)...
  3. movingincirc

    Idling for 10 minutes causes Sierra to lag/freeze for a couple of minutes

    Whenever I leave my computer for about 10 minutes or so, then I return back to use it, the computer lags and freezes for 30 seconds before it becomes usable again. However, when I use my computer for 6-7 hours straight without any breaks, it works fine without any lag. It only happens when my...