media encoder

  1. vegard.bjerkan

    Rendering issues with RX580 and H.264

    Hi, I recently swapped my GPU from a GTX1050 to a Sapphire Radeon RX580 Pulse 8GB, and now it refuses to render H.264 video in Adobe Media Encoder, After Effects and Premiere Pro. When I try to render H.264 my entire system freezes, and I have to reboot. This happens on OpenCL, Metal and the...
  2. jspalding

    Restart while rendering Adobe (premiere/after effects/ media encoder)

    running High Sierra 10.13.6 i7-8700K Geforce 1070 32GB DDR4 Ram (2x16GB RipJaw Cards) Gigabyte Auros Z370 Gaming Wifi Mobo Using the 387. Web Drivers for (17G65) build and CUDA 410.130 SMBIOS is iMac14,2 since I heard it was stable-ish (though I had it on iMac18,3 with the...
  3. pafofi

    Premiere Pro Vs Media Encoder (CC 2018)

    Hello everyone, I would love to have some help in using my set up with Adobe CC 2018 ! I noticed that I can export a movie I edited via Premiere Pro from itself with no issue (using File > Export > Media) but I can't do so with Adobe Media Encoder (a batch coder like Compressor for Final Cut...
  4. toaster91

    Computer crashes when exporting in Premiere Pro CC

    Hello everyone, My Hackintosh crashes and restarts when I export a Premiere Pro CC 2017 project via Media Encoder CC 2017, not everytime but like half of the time. Here is my config: Mobo: Asus Prime Z270-K CPU: I7 7700K GPU: Asus Gtx 1080 Ti Rog Strix OC RAM: 2x16Gb DDR4 Corsair Vengeance...
  5. shilohh

    GPU CUDA/OpenCL Acceleration Support in Adobe CS6/CC apps.

    I created a simple AppleScript app to automate the process of adding your unsupported/uncertified GPU/s to the supported cards lists of older versions of Premiere Pro CS6/CC, After Effects CS6/CC, and Media Encoder CC. This will enable CUDA and OpenCL acceleration on your unsupported/uncertified...