1. johnwesley

    USB Hard Locking System

    After upgrading to 10.9.2 I have encountered the following issue: Whenever I insert a usb device the OS completely locks up within 3 seconds. I have reinstalled Zenith432's GenericUSBXHCI.kext to enable USB 3.0 There is nothing in dmesg that stands out. system.log reports the following...
  2. howey1212

    Clover - 4540s Stuck at missing Bluetooth Controller

    Hi All, Newb here having trouble. I've tried searching but haven't found a resolution. Maybe someone can help me figure out what I'm missing. I am trying to install Maverick 10.9.2 on a HP Probook 4540s with an intel HD Graphics 3000 and i3 processor. That's what was showing up in Windows 7. I...
  3. zangadao

    Seagate Momentus

    Hi everyone. I bought one SSHD Seagate Momentus 750GB (8GB SSD) and will start a fresh Maverick install, but have a doubt: In multibeast options, I need select and install a TRIM Enabler for the SSHD working fully correct? If i dont install, the SSD part (8GB) of this harddisk will be working...
  4. koklik3109

    Atheros AR9287

    Atheros AR9287 "FIX" Hello, I build a hackintosh with maverick . everything works except ethernet.I have an ethernet card Atheros AR9287 and I install the kexts IO80211Family and IONetworkingFamily for AR9287. Yet it is not recognized by maverick Help-me Please. config: motherboard:FUJITSU...
  5. deeperdub

    Want wi-fi usb adapter on my probook

    Hi, guys. I would like to know what usb wi-fi adapter is compatible with Maverick on ProBook 4540s. I just dont want to open my laptop and insert PCI wi-fi. And probably if there is no one, suggest working pci wifi. Thank you! upd i have found some usb adapters, tell me if they are good: Asus...
  6. sillyflip

    Best OOB Graphics Card for Mavericks 10.9.1

    Hey Guys, I have a new Maverick Build. I am dual booting for gaming and i want the best graphics card out there that is compatible with Maverick & Windows. I was looking for a Titan or a GTX780 but it seems that it is not supported by Maverick yet. Any update on this? Cheers
  7. Blackcat

    10.6.8 or 10.9 on GA-B75M-D3H ?

    After I decided to retire my old G4 QS and use its case for a Hackintosh I wonder if the bought MB (Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H) will work with my Snow Leopard DVD or if I should try to install Maverick. Is it possible to directly install 10.9 without 10.6.8 ? I asky myself how this task can be...
  8. Dawelz

    How can i fix kernel panic?

    I installed the OS X perfectly, used the internet via cable and downloaded the Multibeast/Chimera. But when i rebooted i got a kernel panic and dont know what to do. I appreciate the help. Installed on my notebook. Chipset Hm77 i5 3210m 8gb RAM Trackpad and keyboard work perfectly (at least...
  9. giafrata

    NvidiA GTX 680 2GB - GIGABYTE Z77-UP5 TH - i7 3.5 - 32GB RAM - ML 10.8.5 to Maverick Upgrade

    Can I follow AppStore suggested procedure to upgrade to Maverick?! Or I must reinstall OS from scratch?? It's possible to save user profiles (installed apps and documents) for restoring after update?? There's a specific guide/tutorial for upgrade from Mountain Lion??
  10. explorermac

    Do Hackintosh can install OS X Driver if have it?

    Hi all, I am using Maverick. And I have full set of Microsoft Wireless 5000 with Mouse & Keyboard. Microsoft Official give OS X driver. I am wonder, do Hackintoah is same as real Mac, can install any hardware if they give OS X driver? Thank
  11. benjohnson789

    Are these product compatible for a mavericks build?

    Hi, this is my first time building a hackintosh and i am just wondering if these products are compatible for the build and with mavericks. 2GB PNY GTX 650 Ti Boost, 28nm, PCIe 3.0, 6008MHz GDDR5, GPU 980MHz, Cores 768, DPort/DL DVI/HDMI Intel Core i5 4570, S 1150, Haswell, Quad Core, 3.2GHz...
  12. Lukeyy

    Maverick hackintosh

    Hi I'm new to this so excuse my stupidity, I have just finished installing my OS X Maverick on my pc, it installed fine but I'm having trouble with it once it boots. I have no sound coming through my speakers and also the graphics aren't too cracking! Could anyone help? specs for my setup are...
  13. ohthesnow

    Mountain Lion 10.8.5 Won't Update Apps

    I'm currently running Mountain Lion 10.8.5. I have two hard drives, and both have a version of ML 10.8.5, but my apps won't update when I log in to my Apple ID. It comes back with "Unknown error." I was trying to upgrade to OS Maverick, but it's not letting me sign in. I've had this problem for...
  14. douds974

    Need Help for my UniBeast PC - Maverick please

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to install maverick on my PC since 2 weekds now. I think that UniBeast is the best way but I get stick. Here is my configuration : Motherboard AsRock X79 Extreme4-M CPU Intel i7 3930k 16Go ram SSD 240Go OCZ Video Nvidi Quadro 400 Seems that those hardware are OK to run...
  15. zzmadd

    Info about Brix as Hackintosh Mac

    Hi Guys, I've been using Mac OSX since 10.1. I need to get a small machine to use as Multimedia PC. I especially need USB3 for fast HD, USB2 for external high quality audio card & DAC, Ethernet, Bluetooth, SPIF, HDMI/Mini Display Port. I need it without fans to be totally silent and latest Gen...
  16. petonz

    <Starting>Project Asus K450J Maverick Installation

    <Nearly Complete>Project Asus K450J Dual Boot windows 8.1 and Maverick Installation Hi Every one.I 'm from Thailand. I 'm a watcher for this best website for a long time. now It's a time i would like to share. I done many macx86 system by using knowledge from this website. My next Project...
  17. anotherpatient

    no post installation after first boot, everytime first boot only on 10.8.5

    Hello to all, if i install the downloaded maverick all wents super and the upate says ok you have to reboot, after i do that nothing happens and it is like before. I start the update and same things happened like he is loosing his brain while booting. I boot with multibeast for ml, should i must...
  18. trongcuong1710

    Maverick - Can't load kext on normal boot and System notice kext error

    First of all, I want to show my appreciation for tonymacx86 as well as hackintosh community for the guides and tools that helped me successfully installed Maverick on my Asus laptop. However, there's still some minor things that need to be fixed before it can function properly. First, I have to...
  19. andgest

    Bluetooth dongle no detect devices :/

    [SOLVED] Bluetooth dongle no detect devices :/ Hi ! I recently bought a Magic Trackpad for my Hackintosh and a compatible bluetooth dongle. This dongle work perfectly on my macbook, the detection and pairing is ok. On my Hackintosh, I can't say the same XD, the bluetooth dongle is recognizes...
  20. trongcuong1710

    Installing Maverick on Asus K53SV - "You cannot install Mac OS X on this volume...."

    I followed the guide here and reached the installation screen. But I got a problem with formatting partition to install Maverick. At Step 4-6, the partition tab has been missing. I tried to erase my...