1. CheeseOnWheat

    Bluetooth Connectivity Issues Ventura

    Bluetooth is not working in Ventura, and at this point I'm at a loss of what is causing the issue. I've gotten it to work exactly twice for a minute before the whole connection drops and I can't get it back. MOBO is a z390 aorus pro wifi, with the wireless chip removed (since this computer was...
  2. Jasoncole98

    Gigabyte x299 Monterey Install, patching needed?

    I've got the x299 freshly installed on a WD 750 1TB SSD instead of the Samsung that I have, after all the discovery that others have made. I had previously mapped my USB ports back in the early x299 Big Sur 11.x thread. Thanks to @Loloflatsix and @rustEswan literally 1 year ago, unfortunately I...
  3. jdavidson

    Bad USB Mapping or Hard drive issue?

    My work provided me with this drive enclosure OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual Mini for editing video, but filled it with Samsung QVO drives instead of EVO drives. Lately I've been having an issue where the drive will unmount in the middle of an edit. I even lost a few video files because of it. I...
  4. UtterDisbelief

    The New Beginner's Guide to USB Port Configuration

    Important Update: June 2023 From Big Sur 11.3 on the built-in OpenCore XhciPortLimit quirk no-longer worked as described. This became a known "bug", though in reality it was Apple changing their internal code, making a simple "peek and poke" to keep it operating, a difficult task. However, with...
  5. magneto538

    Brightness keys PS2 remap

    I am trying to set up my brightness keys on the build as per my profile. I've been following this guide as reported by the FAQ but I'm not sure how to actually remap the keys (or, more specifically...
  6. marcosviniciusf17

    Mapping ACPI controlled keys and adb keys for VoodooPS2Controller

    Hello , I'm working on my hackintosh implementing key mapping for voodoops2controller. I have trouble understanding, how can I do F4 = mirror video and F12 = Airplane mode? As for adb keys to F1 = mission control, alt gr = alt gr and print screen(not working). I appreciate the help or tip. ACPI...
  7. infusion93

    Can't change Keyboard Mapping for PS/2 Keyboard

    Hey, I successfully installed OS X 10.9.4 on my Acer Aspire S3-391 but now I have a big problem. I can't use special characters. Instead e.g. Alt Gr+Q closes my windows and when I press Alt Gr+L, nothing happens. I already tried custom keyboard layouts. I have noticed that when I connect an...
  8. MagicTom

    USB Windows keyboard mapping

    Hi, I've recently built my first hackintosh, and have been using an older Apple wired keyboard since then. Today, I got my Sharkoon Skiller gaming keyboard in the mail. It works fine on Windows 7, but I'm having a lot of issues on Mac OS X Mountain Lion. It seems as if the keys are mapped...