1. jamiewoods

    << Solved >> High Sierra - Automatically rebooted after panic

    Hello I've been running High Sierra smoothly for ages with no recent updates, and when I booted today, everything seemed ok, except I couldn't connect any accounts in mail, also, the app store couldn't connect even tho internet was connected. I worked for about an hour, then decided to re-boot...
  2. domtech

    [Solved] Sierra Crashing at desktop

    Hello, My Hackintosh has been working great. I used it this morning with no problems. I just turned it on and it got to the desktop and froze and automatically restarted it self. It is currently running macOS Sierra 10.12.6. I don't know what the cause is, but it might be a bug in Mail. I have...
  3. macosux

    High Sierra Notifications Not working - Banner nor Alerts 10.13

    Hi, For some weird reason I just noticed I do not receive any notifications of emails/apps as banner or alert notifications.. I have to manually go in mail /spark app to refresh and check my inbox. Is it only me?? Can you help me with this issue? I'm on 10.13.3
  4. rsleonard

    Seeking help regarding post-upgrade Mail issue!

    I upgraded from Yosemite, and also installed Clover. Install basically went well. My configuration is a system with a 120GB startup SSD and a 1TB SATA Hard Drive as the Data drive. So I backed up (through Time Machine) entire system, erased the SSD, and did a clean install of El Capitan and...
  5. mrfluke

    System freeze after mail sending

    System freeze when try to attach file to email Hello everyone, have some trouble with Yosemite: when I try to attach some file to email using mail app system freeze when program try to send the mail help only reset button. Also trying to send using web interface of gmail the same thing...
  6. Balthar

    Mail hangs after opening Preferences

    Hi guys, my hackintosh works fluidly now for barely half a year. After recognising that Mail doesn't fetch mails from one account any more I wanted to check the account details in Preferences but Mail just hangs. The other account works like a charm. MultiBeast version is 5.5.2 Motherboard is...
  7. jameelmoses

    Mail app window won't show!

    I updated to 10.9 over top of my existing 10.8.4 installation and all went perfectly. Boot time and login times had a noticeable improvement. The only issue I have experienced thus far is that no matter what I do, the Mail app refuses to show me the inbox window. I can compose a new message...
  8. Ryanator

    Second User settings issues. (10.8.3 new build)

    **SPECS** Intel Core i7,Quad 3.49 Ghz 16Gb RAM GTX 660 Ti Z77X-UD5H Board Water Cooler Dual Monitor (LGIPS231) 240Gb SSD (Mac Only/Boot dev.) 500Gb SATA (Mac Only/Storage) 650Gb SATA (Mac Only/Storage) 500Gb SATA (Win 7 Ent/NTFS) iSight CAM (original Firewire) First, On the main Admin account...
  9. lbsimmon

    Apps crashing after update to Mountain Lion

    I hope someone can help! I just updated to mountain lion from lion and was able to boot, use the most applications. However, I noticed when trying to open FaceTime it crashes, then when trying to launch textEdit, Game Center and Mail they also crash. Has anyone else had the same experience? If...