magic mouse

  1. Inje

    Apple Magic Mouse keeps disconnecting

    Other than an occasional lag on movements, i've never had any serious problems with my magic mouse so far. Until today. The mouse keeps disconnecting every few seconds and this is what the log says: Apr 28 22:13:44 my-Mac kernel[0]: [AppleMultitouchDevice::willTerminate] entered Apr 28...
  2. clabella608

    Magic Mouse No Longer Connects

    I've had my hackintosh for almost a year and the magic mouse I use (though it's had some issues) has been a reliable and valuable tool. Yesterday my magic mouse disconnected from my computer so I changed the batteries and tried reconnecting. My system found the mouse with the bluetooth setup...
  3. nogirls

    Snow Leopard Install stuck on Magic Mouse Screen (Ivy Bridge)

    Hi, I am following this guide : to install snow leopard on my ivy bridge core i5. I am also using the iboot for ivy bridge. So I boot from the iboot disk and then put the mac install disk in, it loads but then...