1. RolfNoot

    Help with USBmap on MacPro5.1 with USB3.0 card

    Hi all, I recently installed Monterey on my MacPro5.1 on a fresh NVMe SSD. I used OC with Legacy Patcher and all went well. I have an additional USB3.0 PCI card installed. I only see an issue with my USB port on the front panel which doesn't accept the mouse. Can someone guide me through the...
  2. NZRichard

    Custom Front USB 3.0 PCB

    @Stork - did you ever track down a USB 3.0 front panel as mentioned in the forum at another community: Anybody making anything like this on this side of the big pond?
  3. Eldoctor

    << Solved >> Airdrop Ok - Handoff Not

    Hi all, I recently upgraded the wifi/bluetooth of my Mac Pro 5.1 under Big Sur to a BCM94360CD card and everything works. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi OK. The Airdrop works very well but not Handoff yet it is well configured in the settings... What should I do to make this work?
  4. RandomNumber

    Will OpenCore allow unsupported SMBIOS to work on Catalina

    Question is relative to my legacy EX58-UD3R with a Xeon 5650 rig. My best SMBIOS has always been MacPro 5,1. That was deemed unsupported in Catalina. I installed Catalina using Clover by switching to iMac14,2 SMBIOS. It works but does not function as well as MacPro 5,1 did. Especially in that...
  5. deeveedee

    Macpro 5,1 cold-boots on wake from sleep

    I have a Socket 1156 Biostar TH55HD motherboard with Xeon X3450 running Mojave 10.14.4 (observed this same behavior with High Sierra 10.13.6) (system details below). Everything works perfectly except my system cold-boots on wake from sleep. The system sleeps and I can "wake" the system by...
  6. alinach

    Recovery HD MacPro5,1 TyMCEDriver Fix HELP

    Hey I recently wanted a fresh install of Sierra 10.12.6 and I did everything is working fine but my plan is to use File Vault thus I HAVE TO be able to boot on the Recovery Partition and because I'm using the MacPro 5,1 SMBIOS I need to either delete the AppleTyMCEDriver.kext or patch it with...
  7. Gotham1

    [SOLVED] Yosemite issues - kext-dev-mode=1 (?) Can't boot in without safe mode

    Installed yosemite but get stuck on this screen when I try to boot in. I can get in with -x but I can't figure out what to change. My system is an i7-3770k GA-Z77X-UP5-TH 32gb gtx760 created with multibeast. Tried chameleon wizard but I read somewhere that it doesn't work with yosemite? I'm also...