1. muntashir

    [Solved] Installing macOS High Sierra on KabyLake (HD620)...

    Hi, I am trying to install macOS High Sierra on KabyLake machine (it's a Dell Inspiron 15 5567 i3-7100u with HD620 notebook). I was able to boot into the installer and the first part of the installation went well (which only took 6 minutes). I was able to boot into the second part of the...
  2. ahmednaoum

    What is the best MAC OS version for Dell Latitude E6410

    What is the best MAC OS version for Dell Latitude E6410? and Can macOS Sierra be installed? Specs: -CPU: Intel Core i5 M520 -RAM: 4 GB -Display adapter: NVIDIA NVS 3100M
  3. ahmednaoum

    macOS Sierra installation error on pc (External Hard)

    I want to install macOS Sierra on my laptop Dell LATITUDE E6410 on an external hard disk. After booting from the installation USB and choosing install macOS, it blocks as in the last image. -Installation: -Installation(2) -block(error)
  4. FiloAle025

    Is it possible to install macOS on a Dell Optiplex 780?

    Hi everyone, I was looking for an Optiplex 780 on the internet. I found an Optiplex 780 SFF with Core 2 Duo E8500 @ 3.16GHz, 4GB of RAM, a 255W PSU and a 160GB HDD. Do you think that an Optiplex 780 with a Palit Geforce GT610 will work with OS X Yosemite / El Capitan?
  5. HenryAllen

    MacOS Sierra Installation keeps rebooting

    Hello, I've been triying to download MacOS Sierra on my old rig for a while now, everything works great until I try booting with Clover. The Apple logo appears but after 10 seconds my computer just reboots, I've tried countless times with different configurations and settings, nothing seems to...
  6. fivos1996

    USB boots fine but installer does not start

    Hi. I made a 10.13 PB USB installer using Terminal and latest Clover version. The USB drive boots up fine and gets to the "macOS Utilities" window. But when I select Install macOS, it just stays there forever and it doesn't open the installer window. Clover folder attached. Any help appreciated.
  7. matteorizzo

    Updating from Sierra (10.12) to High Sierra (10.13)

    I have successfully installed macOS Sierra, and I want to update it to High Sierra. I tried through the "installer" (the one you can download from the App Store), but the white progress bar seems to get stuck after 90% of the process, so I was wondering: - is it because of the new file system...
  8. Max2002

    macOS Sierra 10.12 Audio Not Working (Windows PC)

    I know there are threads with the same problem but I tried many kext's and my sound isn't working. In the Windows Device Manager (Windows 10) I have these devices: Audio, Video und Gamecontroller: - IDT High Definition Audio CODEC - NVIDIA High Definition Audio Audioeingänge und -ausgänge...
  9. Dornyx

    Looking for a cheap Z270 board that works

    Hi. I've got some friends that have discovered the world of hackintosh and now want to build PCs to use both Windows 10 and MacOS. Ryzen still does not work well and needs lots of workarounds, so I thought to make them Intel configs with i7 7700Ks. One of these friends is more into MacOS and...
  10. webdev94

    Apple rumored to deprecate KEXTs in 10.14 What would be the consequences for CustoMacs, if true?
  11. xxsoftdown

    Restart/Shutdown issue Sierra.

    Hi I have noticed, If any (explorer)windows are open on the screen(anything like any folder or, clover,or app store,,etc) and I directly restart my hackintosh, then also they are not closed, as I can see them back on the screen as sierra (hackintosh) is back on/restarted. This even...
  12. uar

    [Guide] Razer Blade, Late 2016, FHD

    Warning: There is an unexpectedly kind of issue on the blade. I have investigated it and the problem is the engineering behind the blade on the GTX 1060 causing it to not being recognised on the first boot on UEFI systems (as the blade was with CSM Support enabled and video was set to legacy as...
  13. kirkfletcher

    Severe slowdown after leaving alone for 10 mins: HELP Please!

    Ok, so this may be a little tricky to explain but here goes:- My specs: H170m-D3H, i5 6600, 16gb, 850 EVO, GTX 970, Sierra 10.12.5, SysDef 17,1 System runs beautifully, clean, smooth and has NEVER crashed! it's a joy to use, however..... If I walk away from my computer and leave for around 10...
  14. Travis-PotatoMan

    TP-Link WDN4800 Kernel Panic when installed HELP

    I recently built a Hackintosh that worked perfectly, but didn't have any wifi capabilities. I bought a WDN4800 PCI wireless adapter because many forums claimed it worked without any problems. I ran into a problem though. When I boot with the card not in the system, it works great but obviously...
  15. AIOmaker

    DMIC Support Sierra

    Hello, I'm not sure what information is needed as I'm still a noob at this. BUT! I have a chassis with a built in webcam and microphone and a motherboard with an on board usb slot for the webcam and a slot for DMIC (I've read that as Digital Microphone). I've enabled DMIC support in BIOS...
  16. rapproducer714

    Let's join together and make MacOS better

    Does anyone else hate the mouse acceleration in MacOS? I mean, it's fine when not playing a game or if you're only using the Apple mouse, but if you decide to use a third party mouse or play a game it's nearly impossible. I REALLY think there should be a proper option to disable in Preferences...
  17. Zilenced

    Cannot boot without USB Clover (Sierra 10.12.5) PLEASE HELP!!

    This is my first time installing Hackintosh since I have an Intel based computer now. With theese specs: CPU:Intel Core i5 6400 @ 2.7Ghz Cooled By Corsair H60i Watercooler RAM:16GB DDR4 2133Mhz Crucial MAINBOARD:MSI B150M Gaming M3 SOCKET 1151 GPU:NVidia Geforce GTX 980Ti 6GB GDDR5 Classified...