1. maarkisha

    (HELP) Installing MacOS Catalina OpenCore on Lenovo L590 Intel

    Hi All, I'm trying to Install MacOS Catalina using OpenCore instructions. Also I follow the steps for edit config.plist but with no succed. I boot my USB there is some loading and then black screen. Can someone please make config.plist for me and tell me which kext, drivers, etc. files I...
  2. msqueez788

    Is my setup macOS ready?

    Hello everyone. I'm ready to take the macOS road because I don't have time to play games anymore on my gaming rig. I wanted to know if my build is capable for hackintosh. My build is: Ryzen 5 3600, B450 Motherboard, 16GB DDR4 RAM, RX 580 GPU and 1TB Nvme SSD. Thanks in advance, Michail.
  3. anotherdust

    << Solved >> Ask for a helping hand with ProperTree crashes under Catalina.

    I'm currently transitioning to OpenCore. Soon after I will upgrade to BigSur. The OpenCore documentation is fabulous, the Hackintosh has never been so clear and precise for me. However, I can't get ProperTree to start. It crashes on startup. And I've exhausted many web solutions without getting...
  4. prubin12

    Install macos on pc - new to the forum (help and advices)

    Hello i have a question. I am totally new to this hackintosh machines :D I would like to install macos on my PC (dualboot with windows 10). Windows is allready installed, is it possible to install macos as dualboot? I have a PC with 8gb ddr5 ram, an ASUS PRIME H310M-R r2.0 motherboard, with...
  5. henry774656368281834

    Compaq CQ58 Hackintosh

    hello, i have a compaq CQ58 laptop with windows 10 and would like to know which macos i can install + instructions since i'm new to the field. Soryy for the bad English I come from Germany:) By the way, I already have a Mojave stick with UniBeast, but it doesn't want to boot, I don't know what...
  6. varunbiday

    Can't Reach Installer on AVITA Liber v14 Using OpenCore (stuck on HID: Legacy shim 2)

    I am trying to install macOS Big Sur on AVITA Liber v14 Specs: CPU: i5 10210u GPU: HD620 Storage: 512GB NVMe SSD USB: 2 USB 3.0 ports I followed the Dortania guide for OpenCore, which I have already successfully followed once for my Hackintosh PC. I have patched the DSDT, made my config.plist...
  7. Mikefire440

    << Solved >> Big sur Hp Pavilion 15

    Hi, about a week ago i post a thread for a kernel panic of MacOS Catalina, and i resolved the issue. Yesterday i updated my pc on Big Sur and it worked ( i also buyed on amazon a Wifi card compatible ). Today i receveid the wifi card i installed the driver and i worked, but when i installed the...
  8. ViolinKey


    Hi guys, my Asus Hackintosh laptop has grown old and it's not able to do its job as it was used to. The USB ports are gone, the wifi is gone, the battery is gone, the fan isn't working anymore, and since is from 2015 I think changing it would be a good idea. I'm looking for a high spec...
  9. roman.biceps

    downgrade mac to unsupported old mac os x

    Hey guys. i have macbook pro 13 2013. the minimum supported version is mavericks. can i install a lion or snow leopard on it? can you tell me about bootloaders?
  10. Quazky

    HP Z230 (desktop tower) Ready for Big Sur

    I have an HP Z230 computer that runs on a Mac OS Big Sur. The graphics card is a Radeon RX560 4Go, and Intel i5 processor, with 16Go RAM. SSD of course. - 1 - Download Big Sur, and install boot key. (see support Apple for the Terminal). - 2 - Donwload Clover r5128, for basic installation on...
  11. iLyaPro280

    please go to PROBLEM

    I successfully installed macOS Catalina using Installation Guide When I installed MultiBeast drivers I restarted the Hackintosh and it says Please go to to report this panic My PC: Dell Vostro 3670 Core i3-8100 Intel UHD Graphics 630 1080p Monitor Maybe I need to do...
  12. DjMike238

    KP on Sony VAIO Fit 15E

    After updating to the latest macOS 10.14.6, and after updating Clover and some other kexts, I've been unable to boot back into macOS. I think the issue might be in my config.plist, since I tried using this one from RehabMan's repo and I managed to boot my system just fine, even with not...
  13. Christon

    Mac Os compatibility

    Hi My laptop is lenovo ideapad 120s-11iap with Ram 4 / Intel Celeron Dual Core N3350. Can I run mac os on this laptop? Any version! please respond my question guys. Thanks alot. have a great day
  14. About this Mac

    About this Mac

    macOS Big Sur Dell Vostro 3568 opencore
  15. Graaanityy

    Lenovo G50-70 - no audio on Big Sur with AppleALC

    Hello guys, since I Hackintosh'ed my GA-Z87-D3HP successfully with Big Sur, I decided to install Big Sur on my Lenovo G50-70 laptop. Specs are: CPU: Intel Core i7 4510U GPU: Intel HD4400 & AMD Radeon R5 M230 (deactivated with -wegnoegpu) HDD: Seagate 500GB SSHD RAM: 8GB 1600MHz Ethernet...
  16. TK2

    MacOS Big Sur on Legacy system

    Hello I've recently installed macOS Catalina on an LGA 775 system with an Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400, everything works fine but I wanted to upgrade to MacOS Big Sur, I've made a first attempt to boot with OpenCore but I get an error "Boot mismatch" and nothing after, so I've tried with clover, and...
  17. ImKikueSero

    On the issue of Bluetooth not working

    Sorry for the repeated bother. I have completed a clean installation of BigSur, but it does not respond to Bluetooth. I'm using fenvi T919 for Bluetooth. Is there any problem with BigSur since it became BigSur?
  18. Binuk

    Is this the real end of hackintosh? M1 Macs

    Is this the real end of Hackintoshes??? Post your vote!
  19. Graaanityy

    [SUCCESS] Big Sur on GA-Z87-D3HP + i5 4570 + GT740

    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z87-D3HP CPU: Intel Core i5-4570 @3.20GHz GPU: Gigabyte GT740 2GB GDDR5 Audio: Realtek ACL892 RAM: 2x4GB Kingston HyperX DDR3 1600MHz HDD: TOSHIBA MQ01ABD050 (was built in PS4 Console before) Ethernet: Intel I217V Gigabit Ethernet Kexts I used for installation...
  20. FiloAle025

    << Solved >> Clover not working after update

    Hi everyone! It’s been 4 years now that I’ve built an hackintosh, which has always worked perfectly, but yesterday I updated Clover and now it can’t boot macOS anymore. I attach below the error message I get when booting macOS. Thanks in advance for your help! Specifications: MOBO: Gigabyte...