macbook pro

  1. YamiJustin

    Multibeast = you need to restart. Cannot re-install or boot up!

    So I fudged up with my understanding of what exactly I was doing the other night. I own a Macbook Pro from late 2011, and wanted to install the same OS X onto my custom PC. I downloaded Multibeast and thought it would use one of my OS X installers and put it on a USB for me to install on my PC...
  2. johnpopes

    Macbook Pro 13' Mid 2009 and mid 2010 SSD advice

    Hi, me and my brother are looking for an SSD drive for our macbook pros 13'', mine is a mid 2009 ( and his is a mid 2010 ( Unfortunately choosing an SSD for an older laptop isn't easy. Any advice for what should I be looking...
  3. saul.vega

    real mac bootcamp chameleon compatibility?

    hi, i have a real macbook pro and i also installed windows on it with bootcamp but i would like to know if i can install chameleon on it so i can choose between the two on startup. any help is appreciated. macbook pro i5 2.5GHz with turboboost intel hd graphics 4gb of ddr3 RAM