macbook air

  1. Zach27

    hiDPI custom resolutions macOS Big Sur Apple Silicon

    I'm plugging my late 2020 M1 MacBook Air into the following 21:9 1440p monitor over USB-C - There are no hiDPI resolutions available to select in displays or using RDM. I downloaded SwitchResX and tried to set some custom resolutions...
  2. Snakes202

    SSD Upgrade on Mid 2013 MacBook Air Not Working

    So, I am using a SM951 256GB M.2 SSD with a NGFF M.2 Adapter. I have researched and found them to be compatible with my laptop, a 11" Mid 2013 MacBook Air. The original SSD went bad, and this is a replacement more than an upgrade. I have created a High Sierra (latest) USB installer, and...
  3. bnd555

    I have Ruined my Macbook Air

    I tried installing 10.12 to an external hard disk through MBA with Flash drive. 1) I inserted Unibeast Flash Drive to MBA 2) USB Hard disk to another port. 3) Selected Flash Drive for boot up and installed 10.12 on USB HDD 4) On restart selected newly installed USB HDD (EFI HDD) 5) Macbook air...
  4. marko91

    Macbook Air 2015 resolution problem with external 4k display

    I got a Wasabi Mango uhd400 4k monitor but I am not getting the display options others get when connecting a 4k to the macbook air. I don't have an option to choose the scaled 4k resolution , the highest it shows is 1080p even if I hold option when I click the scaled button. Everything online...
  5. alexxandrus

    Kext modification -> Grafic Problems

    Hi, I just tried to hack the kext AppleIntelFrambufferCapri.kext so I could have the 3440x1440 resolution on my new LG 34UC97 (I have a Macbook Air 2012 13" Intel HD 4000) the problem is that after modifying the kext now my graphics are all messed up, there is no recognition of external screen...
  6. mildj84ns

    Loud fan noise in Windows 8.1

    I've been getting really loud fan noise in Windows 8.1 on my MacBook Air 13" 2012, sometimes even in matter what I'm doing, from time to time it just starts to spin like crazy, and when i check Task Manager, CPU usage is usually singe digit number, just a few %... but still fan is...
  7. StijnD

    Intel Nuc Performance?

    Hi, It's my first post here because I'm looking to build an alternative to a mac mini/air using an intel NUC kit. Just because of the price my preference goes out to the Intel NUC DC3217BY(Intel Core i3 3217U) which is pretty cheap. But I'm mainly concerned with the performance. As this would...
  8. IanBauters

    MacBook Air AC WiFi in hackintosh

    Does anybody know what the latest connection is Apple uses in it's MacBook Airs for the WiFi card? I would like to integrate one in my hackintosh.
  9. 92jlee

    Novatech nFinity N1411

    Hi Guys, New to the forum so please be nice! I've tried searching already but haven't found much info, Novatech is a small British computer company and they sell an ultrabook called the nFinity N1411 Specs are very similar to the Macbook Air but much cheaper! 14" screen Intel Core i7 3517...