1. Feartech

    [HELP] Install High Sierra on Asus

    Read up on the FAQ first: Link to laptop guide:
  2. franzderheld

    High Performance Hackintosh for Rendering & Gaming

    Hello all, I'm using Mac computers for 11 years now. Before I switches to Mac I have built multiple PCs with Windows and not had any problems. Now I'm trying to build my first Hackintosh because Apple can't deliver the performace I need (at least not for the budget I have). Does anyone has tips...
  3. ahadrox

    [Suggestion Needed] How about this coffee lake build for Hackintosh?

    Hi, I'm waiting for getting this pc configuration listed below. My main goal is to use macOS High Sierra without any issues also I'll play some games in high preset at 1080p too. Please note that my main goal isn't only to use the macOS. Here goes the PC configuration : Processor : Intel core...
  4. HeyRay1189

    Help With Sierra

    Hi everyone, PC Spec - i7 7700K CPU Asus Strix Z270E Motherboard Corsair 16GB LPX Ram Crucial MX300 525GB Internal SSD Asus GTX Strix 1080 A8G GPU Hopefully I'm posting this in the right section but I wanted to ask if it was possibly to install Sierra OS on a PC that is currently running...
  5. Chloe2003

    Not booting with new osx 12.6 and new clover 4586

    Hi guys I'm quite new to the hackintosh, but believe it or not I managed to get it working, finally, running high Sierra 12.6 . And I had the clover installed from multibeast. However I recently installed clover confugurator and updated the clover to 4586 and when I boot up it stops at the...
  6. LvxMagick

    Should I Install My Titan xp's At begging of Build?

    Hello this is my first Hack build, I seem to have it down at least all issues so far with the 'Boot Flags' nothing to drastic has gone wrong yet.. My question is this, I took my graphics cards out of the pcie lanes so the boot would go smoother.. I just went ahead & installed the MB graphics &...
  7. josuem777

    are these parts compatible?

    Im ready to build my hackintosh just want to make sure my parts are compatible so i can start i have a asus z370 a prime as my motherboard and i have a intel core i7 8700 K i also have an ssd which is the kingston A400 120 gb in a couple of weeks i will install a crucial mx500 i have 8gb of...
  8. almightyube

    Mac OS won't show up in clover

    I have previously installed mac os and it was working pretty well for a couple weeks with slight driver problems, and beginner mistakes. However I have hit a wall with this recent problem. Mac OX and the version of clover that was with with the mac install on unibeast wont show up in my boot...
  9. vukvuk141

    Is my pc compatible with siera/high siera/ el capitan (im verry new to this)

    Hello i am looking forwards to installing mac operating system on my dell optiplex 790 as a 2nd operating system and these are its specs: cpu: i5 2500 (am looking forward to upgrading to i7 2600) ram: 8gb ddr3 (16 in the future) hdd: 500gb and 250gb ssd vga(gpu):1050 Ti 4gb fell free to leave...
  10. darthforelife

    Dual boot

    Hi! Whats the best guide/tutorial for dual booting windows 10 and high sierra? Thx in advance
  11. 27md

    install on another ssd

    I have hackintosh installed on hdd I want to do a clean installation to my ssd (not cloning to avoid any possible problems) if I open the install Mac OS high Sierra app and I choose my ssd to install it on will it work ?
  12. jacky123456

    EFI-Partition Problems

    Hi guys, I don't seem to be able to make the EFI-Partition to work. I tried clover and multibeast, about 234 times now. I've searched every forum and I'm starting to give up. The thing is, every time I shutdown the pc and fire it up again, the EFI-Partition is not visible. So I always have to...
  13. JomoPipi

    Is my custom build compatible with hackintosh?

    Hi I'd like to play Fortnite on my custom build with Intel core i5, msi z370-A pro mobo and msi geforce 1060 gtx graphics card. I made a bootable copy of windows 10 on my mac then installed it on my new baby, but the internet doesn't work. I booted Debian on it, and then the internet started...
  14. RehabMan

    Will I be able to install any OSX version in my Lenevo g40-80 Laptop?

    Follow the Clover guide linked from the FAQ. Although you should read the FAQ for an overview of issues, the Clover guide is linked from the first question: "Q. Where do I start?", just...
  15. PakistanesMaster

    USB dont show in bios

    Hello guys. So I have a bit of a problem. I have an asus pc and I want to instal the mac High Sierra. I did the bootable usb perfectly fine, I know that because after disabeling secure boot I was able to start the instalation but once it started my usb stoped working. I thaught the problem was...
  16. the3rdknuckles

    Ethernet issues

    So my ethernet connection doesn't work in High Sierra and my wifi card doesn't work in Windows 10 Pro.... Need some help on this one team.
  17. victasty

    Compatibility check for Mac OS High Sierra

    I've been using this setup for over 2 years running Windows. I'd like to dualboot MacOS High Sierra on it, but first, I need your help. Please tell me if my setup could be Hackintosh-compatible: Motherboard: GIGABYTE H97-HD3 CPU: Intel Core i5-4670 (3.4 GHz) GPU : MSI GeForce GTX 970 GAMING...
  18. Enis.acar

    hp 14-g007ax Is it compatible with any hackintosh specs are in link can i run any hackintosh if so which one thanks
  19. AlexOCZ1215

    I've installed updates from OS system and now i got the 'kernel panic' and restart the computer

    Hello again! I had been very good with my hackintosh for a time, installing updates from system and everything was fine (i have sierra version). But some days ago, i installed one of those updates and when my computer restarted, the horrific kernel panic appeared. That's why i didn't want to...