mac pro 6 1

  1. michael.t

    Change of system definition

    Hey guys, I am wanting to upgrade to Sierra from El Capitan. At the moment I cannot since my definition is MacPro 3.1 (Early 08). I am wanting to change this to 5.1 or 6.1 but I have no idea how to go about it in MultiBeast. This is not a fresh system and my build is about 2 years old, so I...
  2. Pineapple68

    AMD Firepro W4100 testing - troubleshooting

    I recently bought a AMD "Sapphire" Firepro W4100. It's not a recent gpu, but I was needing of a slim and narrow GPU, at a reasonable budget. I wanted also a native and solid mini displayport for a imac 27", and this card has 4 mdp ports, for 4 monitors. There were only few reference on forum...
  3. Pineapple68

    Pi case based Mac Pro 2013 replica mod

    Why Pi case I wanted to do a Mac Pro 2013 mod, but because I am not an expert modder, and considering the price of 3D printing, I decided to start from this Pi Case, seen on other related thread in this forum, and review it. The case The Pi case comes from (South)Korea, in a somewhat familiar...
  4. Pineapple68

    Proximity sensor or accelerometer like Mac Pro 2013 [help with this idea]

    I want emulate the illumination behaviour seen in Mac Pro 6.1: when you hold or move the case - tipically to connect a thunderbolt cable - a light switch on, aiding in helping to find the connector in the darkness. The effect it's futuristic, and as extra should fine obtain a fade effect. I...
  5. troyjr4103

    Mac Pro 6,1 Definition leaves monitor with no signal on boot

    Hi i just recently made my hackintosh and I got everything working and then i decided to change my definition to Mac Pro 6,1 which now leaves my computer unusable because my monitor has no signal. Is there any way to fix this or change the definition in boot? Or boot my computer to change the...