mac pro 1.1

  1. Sveirok

    Removing metal fan holder in upper shelf

    How does one remove the metal piece that's meant to hold the fan in the optical drive / psu shelf?
  2. Matthew92007

    Removing Top Shelf Mac Pro 1,1

    Hello everyone, i'm losing my mind trying to remove this darn top shelf. I've taken out every screw that I've seen others online do, but it just won't budge. Pictures below, what am I missing?! Anything help Thank you!!
  3. Matthew92007

    R7 260x on El Capitan- Help!

    Hello everyone, I have recently acquired an R7 260x 2GB graphics card and would like to use it in a machine running El Capitan. Now strictly speaking, the machine is not a Hackintosh. It is a Mac Pro 1,1 with El Capitan hacked onto it. I found this thread before...
  4. Arstidir

    Mac Pro 1.1 mATX Mod

    Some month ago I bought a Mac Pro Case and decided to built a Hackintosh in it :) Now I want to present my work here. Used Hardware Gigabyte Z170M D3H Intel i7 6700K Gigabyte GTX 1070 OC 16 GB 2400 DDR4 Corsair SF 600 SFX PSU 2x 250GB SSD (OS X & Windows) 2TB HDD The first big problem was to...
  5. ReverseSide

    Hackintosh G5 vs Mac Pro 1.1 NO CUT CASE MOD

    Hello everyone, I have recently buy a Mac G5 and I plan to use the case for build an hackintosh. But now I wonder myself if it's more easy to use a Mac Pro 1.1 case, cause the power supply seems more standar form factor. (and Mac Pro 1.1 have already more slot for connector on the back and...
  6. JohnS83

    Mac Pro 1,1 - Video Card Compatibility: GT 730 & El Capitan?

    Hi all! I've a 2006, I'm going to be upgrading soon. I'm doing the processors (to 2.66- 8 core), maxing memory (32gb) and putting in an SSD (240gb). Questions: Will the GT 730 work OOB, or will flashing be required? Will I be able to use the GPU to its full potential with my Mac Pro...
  7. Gormanoo

    Maschine 2.0 OSX Snow Leopard

    Hello everyone, hello Tonymacx. I'd like to know if there a way to modify the installation files for maschine 2.0 music software so it will install on 10.6.8 (by editing the distribution file of the installer for example) I had my mac pro 1.1 upgraded to mavericks in the first place (using...