mac mini

  1. Spigaw

    Upgrading a Mac Mini (late 2014) to a combo SSD + HDD

    Hey there people! Maybe some experts around here will be able to help me, as I could not find a definitive answer anywhere about this issue. I recently bought a Mac Mini (late 2014), with these characteristics. I want to upgrade it to a combo SSD + HDD because you know why, but I can't find...
  2. tabarus

    << Solved >> [FIXED?!] M1 Macs are still buggy

    The new mac mini seam to have an issue with Bluetooth devices : I think it is useful to know for anyone before investing into buggy Hardware.
  3. kabauterman

    [GUIDE] [WIP] Powerful 6-Core NUC Mac Mini Build (KINGDEL Ultra Compact PC)

    Hello folks, at first I would like to thank all of you for all the great guides and the great work put into this forum. Thats GREAT! Without this Forum my project wouldn't be possible. Some weeks ago I watched a YouTube Video about a little but powerful Mini-PC found on AliExpress. I...
  4. BB88

    NUC Build for Logic Pro x

    Hello All, I just recently purchased a newer laptop but with the old ram and SSD from my older upgraded laptop I’d like to build my first hackintosh! Components -750gb SSD -16gb ddr3l I’d like to replicate the slow Mac mini but do some basic editing for music production. I was looking at...
  5. Myzze

    NUC as a hackintosh?

    I am using a Mac mini from 2012, and had hoped for an upgrade from Apple this year. I like the small formfactor, so I was wondering if it is possible to buy an Intel NUC and use it as a hackintosh? Further more, I am using a Thunderbolt Display, and have read a lot of online posts, and as I...
  6. danhelmstedt

    Unable to boot macOS on a 2014 Mac Mini

    I'm at a loss on this one. I've got a standard 2014 2.8ghz i5/HD5100 Mac Mini that just won't boot macOS. No matter what, I'm getting kextd stall IGPU. Things I've tried: -Reset SMC, NVRAM -Safe mode -Apple diagnostics (passed with flying colours) -Following Apple's instructions in creating a...
  7. rolldeepuk

    adding native supporting gpu to mid 2007 mac mini

    so i have a old mac mini mid 2007, it can boot in 64 efi but the reason apple blocked it from running higher os than lion was no gma 950 support in 64bit osx. so i recently added a 150 ssd and noticed the wifi slot could be used with an egpu to at least get el captain running with a native...
  8. binloan

    Building a new Mac with Bluetooth LE support

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to build a new mac mini. I want it for some smart home applications and thus need one with WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy support. Sadly I don't know if Bluetooth support is even possible. If yes, which MB would do it? Thanks already for your support.
  9. JoshuaAllen

    Help! OSX 10.13.2 Geforce 1080 Not showing up.

    I just attempted to set up a egpu on my late 2014 mac mini running High Sierra using a Geforce GTX 1080 in a Akitio Node. The Node is connected through a thunder bolt 3 to 2 adapter to the computer. The card lights up and fans spin at first but I never received the prompt on my computer that a...
  10. ani99

    A MAC / PC / Linux Hybrid

    Hello All, I have a mac mini have been using it for sometime, now I upgraded it to two SSD / much more ram. But... Its still not giving me the performance that I need. I also work on a variety of platforms (development) and prefer native environments. So an idea struck me to create a tower...
  11. sp00m

    [SOLVED] Panic cpu caller error - Set up from Time Machine

    Build: gigabyte z170 ud5 th evga gtx 970 Samsung 950 m.2 mvme i7 6700k vengeance lxp ram (2x16gb) Issue: I had an old mac mini that I backed up using time machine before I sold it. Now that I have my hackintosh built I was trying restore from the backup. All seemed to work well. I installed...
  12. el.Charlot

    Advice for my media center

    Hi ! After being really happy with my mHack, I think of building a little media center. So I come for advice :) My main concerns are to keep it small, quiet, with low power consumption and sleep/wake functioning properly (as it will almost never be shut down). It will be use to store & play...
  13. BadGoldish3725

    Help Making a Mac Mini

    Hello. I want to create a hackintosh that isn't very powerful, because the main thing I will be running is safari and Xcode. It needs to be able to be able to run somewhat basic to intermediate programs coded on the machine. I want a compact and cheap alternative to a mac mini to hopefully...
  14. justaguymakingamac

    Help! Newbie First Build Skylake 2x1440p Monitors

    Hey guys, ideally this will be my first build! I'm following this build for the $682 Skylake Mac Mini. My question is, will the build support driving two 1440p monitors at 60Hz refresh while doing very basic tasks like checking email and watching movies with the integrated graphics card on the...
  15. MrTwinks

    Mini-ITX Hackintosh mini

    Hi there!! I have in mind to build a reproduction of the Mac mini. What do you think about this configuration? CPU: Intel Core i5 6400 MB: Asus Z170I PRO GAMING (I chose this one because I need a displayport and a m.2 slot) CPU Cooler: Zalman CNPS2X RAM: Crucial 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2133 Memory...
  16. Stefan72

    [Low Budget / MacMini] Are there painless mini-ITX Skylake setups yet?

    Hi there, I have been searching around for a while bit was not able to find the answer I was looking for. My situation is as follows: I do have a FractalDesign Node304 case that I want to use to build something like a MacMini on a Skylake platform. I want to go cheap. From the "Buyers Guides"...
  17. khriswithak

    I Need help to build nice looking HTPC mac for Plex, Kodi & more

    I am a complete noob at this (have no experience building a computer) so I want to keep my first build as basic as possible. I'm thinking of building something along the lines of a CustoMac Mini but in a nice looking HTPC case. It will mostly be used for watching Plex (server) and Kodi but...
  18. MacXGamer

    Would this CMM enough for web develpment?

    Would be this build enough for Web development? Just 1 change to the build that I dunno if the PSU would be enough to handle. Would I be able to add a 750 ti and make it work with this PSU (250w)?
  19. Mikymice

    Acer Revo One

    I have been in market for mac mini. Since the 2014 mac mini is quite disappointing, I have been looking for good alternative Can anyone confirm that the Acer Revo One will be hackable right out of the box? Thanks Here is the link for the little nice looking desktop...
  20. mrchow19910319

    Which old iMac or MacPro G5 or MacMini is worth buying??

    Hey, guys. When it comes to Mac, I am still a some what a newbie. I wanna consult you guys opinion because now I dont know what to choose or what I really want.:problem: I wanna buy a second hand Mac Pro/ iMac/ Mac Mini. Which model should I buy??? Here at China we have so many retailers that...