mac mini clone

  1. MJS007

    First time builder: budget mac mini replica 2018

    Hi everyone, i'm supper keen to build my own mac mini and was wondering if someone could please give me some advice. I want to create a mac mini on a budget that i can use for daily usage such as internet browsing, media consumption and a bit of word processing. I'm fine with using on board...
  2. mixbyjm

    Build mini mac using old Intel i7 950

    Hi all.. I have old hackie using GA X58-UD3R and i7 950, but the motherboard is not working properly and I'd like to use the processor to built a new one. I'm thinking built a mac mini. Do you think there is new motherboard still compatible with this processor available in market? Which one...
  3. digitized

    Custom Mac Mini

    Hello all! I am new here as well as to the Mac world. I would like to build a Custom Mac Mini. I am low on budget. Can you guys please suggest a configuration for the machine? Thanks a ton!